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Hot Spots Near Dodger Stadium

Whether you’re a die-hard Dodgers fan or just enjoying the baseball game experience, more often than not you want a balanced meal or itinerary of activities on game day. Chances are, you don’t live across the street from the Dodger Stadium, like many of the locations listed here. And furthermore, several hours of hot dogs and overpriced, average beers can be overkill for the most seasoned baseball fans. We’ve put together a list of eight hot spots near the Dodger Stadium to give you a range of game day options to choose from:


Photo Source: Wall Street International – https://media.wsimag.com/attachments/35aebd62da6471a82d9b468e389f00b0849f19ed/store/fill/690/388/38fca98d1fa316855771aebbc4faf993c2f1f4c666b50d9a2c41f0b32c7a/Twenty-One-Exhibition-view-Courtesy-of-Subliminal-Projects.jpg

Button Mash

If you’re going to the Dodgers game as a family, Button Mash is the place to go before or after the game––maybe even twice in one day. With a full arsenal of amazing arcade games and an equally appealing Pan-Asian menu, there’s something for everyone at this restaurant. According to Los Angeles food critic Jonathan Gold, the small wine lines is “shockingly good” and the food is “light years ahead” of other food-serving arcades in the country.

Sunset Beer Company

After the game (or before), head over to Sunset Beers for a drink. The tasting bar has 12 rotating taps and 800 types of bottled beers. The bar also frequently hosts Dodgers specials during game days, where there are steep deals on beers and specialty drinks.

The walls are decked in beer decor and there are even plenty of board games to keep your crowd busy until it’s time to go. According to Yelp reviews, this is the perfect pregame spot, and while no food is served, the bar does permit patrons to bring food of their own.

Ostrich Farm

This beautiful sit-down eatery has been touted as one of the best in Los Angeles by publications  like the Infatuation and the Los Angeles Times. It’s a little fancier than your casual pre or post-game stop, but not in a pretentious way. The staff is welcoming, the food delicious and well-thought, and the plates and interior just as beautiful as the cuisine is tasty. The kitchen––which is too small to hold an exuberant amount of food––keeps only enough product stocked for the day, ensuring you get the freshest food possible.

Subliminal Projects

If you’re creatively minded, consider visiting Subliminal Projects, a local art gallery that features contemporary and street art. Artist Shephard Fairey is the owner of the gallery (where many of his own works are features) and is the founder of the popular OBEY clothing line (the space also doubles as OBEY headquarters).

The gallery is spacious, and different exhibitions mean there’s a little something for everyone among the gallery’s revolving themes. The space also hosts lecture series and workshops. If you’ve got tickets to a game, try and coordinate attendance to an event, or just to check out the exhibition space.

Sage Vegan Bistro & Brewery

The Sage Vegan Bistro is a vegan, farm-to-table restaurant with a solid reputation. Locally sustained and produced food is the passion behind the menu, ensuring you get something healthy in your stomach before a long day of eating baseball stadium goodies.

Last year, the vegan restaurant was complemented with an all-vegan brewery, too. A reformed cement taproom gives the space an industrial feel, but it’s the drinks that keep the guests coming. Currently, the brewery is stocked with over 40 taps.


Angelenos love their tacos, and Guisados is one of the best Mexican eateries in not just Echo Park, but the entire city of Los Angeles. Tortillas are handmade and the menu is both equally simple and powerful. There are over a dozen types of tacos, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better deal than the $2.95 tacos or the $8 sampler of six mini tacos. This place is an Echo Park staple, and you’ll quickly discover why.

Tierra Mia Coffee

Sometimes, all you need prior to the game is a nice cup of coffee and a simple breakfast sandwich. And Tierra Mia Coffee certainly delivers. This spot serves Latin-inspired coffee drinks made with house-roasted beans, and an assortment of hot pastries worth trying. Try the horchata latte or the cubano con leche.


This high-rated restaurant has great Downtown views and is just around the corner from the Dodgers stadium. The interior embodies the carefree California lifestyle and the food, like other restaurants on this list, comes highly rated by Los Angeles food critics and locals alike. Lush greenery and comfortable banquettes make for the perfect atmosphere for dining. Winsome also serves great cocktails and wines. Try the whole roasted branzino, pork short ribs, or the Buckwheat and semolina pancake.

Best Shops In Echo Park

Echo Park is a growing community in Los Angeles, and every year, adds something new to the roster for locals and visitors to love. Whether you’re an Echo Park transplant or someone considering moving to Echo Park, it’s nice to know there are some great places in store for you. And as far as shopping goes, there’s no shortage of options available. Here are some of the best shops in Echo Park:


Photo Source: Goophttps://goop.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/ShoutAndAbout1Resize.jpg

Time Travel Mart

The Echo Park Time Travel Mart––no matter how many times you visited––never seems to go out of style. Each product is reminiscent of a time period: go back in time with a nice can of Mammoth Chunks, or head to the future and purchase a glass bottle of Robot Milk. And if you get sick from all the time warps, don’t fret: there’s always the Time Travel Sickness Pills to keep your system in check.

When you purchase any item from this store, 100% of the proceeds go towards teaching children creative writing, where classes are held in the back of the store. That’s not the only cool thing about Travel Mart, either. If your perusal through the shop inspires you with an awesome product idea, you can talk to the staff, who will assist with design to help get your product on shelves. Furthermore, many of the products were created by students themselves.

Shout and About

Shout & About is a gift lover’s fantasy, filled to the pretty with beautiful stationary and curated design goods. From throw pillows to photo frames to greeting cards to notebooks, there’s a little something for everyone. But where the shop really shines is its extensive greeting card collection. Forget about the cheesy, one in a million cards you can find at your local convenience store. These cards are all about delivering a unique experience to the people you love.


Spacedust boasts an impressive collection of novelty items and specialty clothes. The boutique proudly showcases artwork and fashion from local artists, making it an ideal destination for visitors and locals alike who want a piece of Echo Park to take home.

Situated on Sunset Boulevard, everything here is original and handmade. According to its website, “As long as it’s locally-made, independently-made, or handmade, it doesn’t matter – all subcultures are represented, and all folks are welcome.” From a line of prayer parody candles to a large assortment of pop culture-inspired patches and stickers, Spacedust is worth a visit if nothing else.

 Kaleidoscope Kollective

A “kaleidoscope” of vintage and handmade items fill the racks at this kitschy spot. People from all over the world come to Kaleidoscope Kollective to purchase handmade goods. Founded by five diverse women, tts mission statement is a testament to its offerings: “We are a collective of creative women who transform various materials into works of beauty.” There’s a perfect mix of past and present fashion trends, and with such a wide array of artisan crafts, nearly everything here constitutes as the perfect gift.

The Ampal Creative

The Ampal Creative Shop is a menswear store chock full of creative snapbacks. Here, well-crafted hats are the centerpiece of the store. Each hat tells a story of its own, with unique prints, versatile fabrics, handmade logos, and diverse shapes and styles. This headwear company aims to defy odds by creating a perfect hat for everywhere; each with the perfect style, fit, and fabric. Each hat is premium, and made custom with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Hot Cactus

What’s a home without a plant? Greenery is all the rage in interior design, and not just for its aesthetic: plants and nature are proven to boost productivity, creativity, and happiness. And in today’s design world, succulents, air plants, and various other trendy green species are finding in a place in every Los Angeles home.

Hot Cactus is a hip cactus emporium that focuses on a variety of types of cactus. From budget-priced basics to rare breeds ranging in the thousands, it’s definitely worth a visit. And you’d be surprised to know just how many species of cacti there are. The currently sold-out Pachypodium horombense rings in at $275, while Haageocereus tenuis costs a whopping $250,000 (it’ll be extinct by 2024). At Hot Cactus, you can also purchase tools and supplies, clothing and music, and pots and stands.

Luxe de Ville

There’s simply no better place to go for vintage than Echo Park’s Luxe de Ville. The boutique offers “unique one of a kind vintage garments.” From Middle Eastern threads to 60s skirts and accessories, every piece of clothing here feels like it’s the only one in existence. The store also displays local, handmade jewelry.

The majority of items––even vintage designer finds––are modestly priced. No matter what your style is, you’re bound to find something you like. The owner, Oskar, is very knowledgeable in fashion, and happy to help navigate the stories many racks and shelves in search of something that fits your personality.

 The Dog Show USA

Quirky and full of spirit, the Dog Show USA is filled to the brim with merchandise––and that’s exactly what makes it so unique. Doused in pink, the shop exudes girl power. Everything about this place––profile here in Paper Magazine––is eccentric and eclectic. You’ll notice this as soon as you walk by the oversized unicorn that greets you at the entrance, or hear the pink telephone meow instead of ring. Hair accessories are organized on a giant wall of hair, and items include fun leather tights, multicolored and themed, onesies, wire jewelry, and 90s-inspired graphic design shirts.

Best Family Spots in Echo Park

As Echo Park real estate continues to break price tag records and more people migrate to the area, you might be wondering what family-friendly activities you can partake in. Echo Park is popular spot for young adults, with some of the best restaurants and venues in Los Angeles, but what about your little ones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are six of the best family spots in Echo Park.


See A Show At The Bob Baker Marionette Theatre

There’s a reason why the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre has so many stellar reviews on Yelp; it’s the perfect show for families and provides some of the most unique entertainment in East LA. The description for the company’s upcoming show, “Something To Crow About,” perfectly sums up the entire experience: “The most enchanting place on Earth… A place that exists in every child’s imagination, and is a warm glow in the secret heart of the adult.”

Originally started in 1963, it’s the oldest children’s theatre in Los Angeles and was designated as a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Every year, the performance utilizes over 2000 handcrafted puppets for a show-stopping puppetry performance. During the holidays, the company also runs festive-themed productions like Bob Baker’s “Nutcracker” and “Holiday On Strings.” Admission to the space is free for children under two.

Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake has stunning views of downtown Los Angeles and serves as the epicenter of the community. Whether you’re walking along the park’s paths, having a family picnic, or pedaling across the lake on a pedal boat, there’s plenty to do here. Other activities you can indulge in include fishing, guided canoe and gondola tours, and a visit to the boat house.

See A Dodgers Game

What’s a more classic family outing than a good ol’ fashioned baseball game? Fortunately, the Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium is right in Echo Park, so families don’t have to go too far. Sit back and relax in the sun with a hotdog or bag of peanuts. Maybe one of your kids will even catch a ball. Before you go, check out these tips for taking your kids to a baseball game.

Visit Button Mash

Right around the corner from the Dodgers Stadium is Button Mash––an ideal family outing for your average weekend, with better than average arcade games and cuisine. With an impressive lineup of old school video games, this food-fun hybrid is ringing with energy. Classics like “Food Fight” and “Ms. Pac Man” keep the little ones entertained, and a diverse food menu ensures that everyone has their fair share of good food and leaves with a full stomach.

Buy Something at the Echo Park Time Travel Mart

For a quick trip back (or forward) in time, take the family to visit the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. Here, you can purchase magazines like “Self Defense For Time Travelers” and groceries like “Robot Milk,” “Mammoth Chunks” and “Fresh Dinosaur Eggs.” Of course, the entire thing is a gimmick, but it’s all a part of the adventure. The store was created by creative company 826, who also have other unique retail locations in Brooklyn and San Francisco.

The store also doubles as a non-profit; in the back, students are taught creative and expository writing, and all proceeds go towards funding lessons. If you’re interested in what they’re up to, you can purchase student publications in the freezer.

Cool Off at Icy Rush

Icy Rush Co creates Latin-inspired ice cream flavors from scratch. This artisan creamery originally started by catering to children’s parties, and still does––only now, they’ve expanded to provide a nostalgic ice cream experience for families everywhere. Flavors include Horchata, coffee cake, coconut flake, smores, and Mexican chocolate. The ice-cream boutique uses only organic ingredients, and also has vegan and dairy-free ice cream options. On Wednesdays, single scoops are doubled for free.

Echo Park Real Estate Trends For 2018

As we enter 2018, Echo Park is becoming a hotbed for great cuisine, the trendy hipster scene, beautiful homes, and bustling creative energy. Its resident lake and beautiful landscape make it natural reprieve to the city center––a home within a home of sorts. One Huffington Post article even called Echo Park the “epicenter of the genuine L.A. experience.”


Photo Source: Realtorhttps://rdcnewscdn.realtor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/echopark-1024×691.jpg

There’s no doubt that the Echo Park scene is changing, but for many, change is good. The year 2017 brought increased awareness of Echo Park potential, and those trends continue to carry over and become more accentuated in 2018. The following are Echo Park real estate trends for 2018.

Homes Will Go Up In Value

According to Trulia, Echo Park real estate saw an increase of $135,000 in median home sales in 2017 (up 19% from last year). Four bedroom homes saw the biggest increase year-over-year, with a 55% increase. In June 2017, one contemporary home in Elysian Heights broke a single-family sales record when it sold for $2.275 million, which was over its asking price. As you’ll read on, it’s easy to understand the hows and whys of rising real estate prices in the area.

New Wave of Real Estate Development

According to the Los Angeles Times, this decade of real estate development will far surpass the 1990s and even the housing bubble of the 2000s. And Echo Park alone currently has several development projects underways. In March 2017, Champion Real Estate purchased a Sunset Boulevard property where it plans to create BrickWorks, a retail and residential complex. According to their announcement, its 15,000 square feet of retail space “will create a trendy food-court-style collection of the latest eateries and restaurants.” The space will hold up to ten restaurants, and initial renderings were released in August.

At the same time, two residential projects along Glendale Boulevard are underway from developer Aragon Properties. This includes an apartment building with 70 units and eight live-work apartments. At five stories tall, it would be one of the tallest in the Echo Park area. The second construction is an 18-home townhouse project that will replace a recently-demolished warehouse.

Increase In Millennial Market Share

Currently, the median age for homeowners in Echo Park rides the Millennials and Generation X cusp at 35 years old. However, real estate analysts predict that the millennial age group will make up more than 43% of home buyers in 2018. In the first-time home buyers’ market, millenials are currently the dominant market. And in 2018, they’re expected to compete with baby boomers for upmarket properties.

New Ways of Commuting

Currently, 79% of the Echo Park demographic commutes by car, 18% by public transportation, 2% by foot, and 0% by bike. However, new developments will shift the available options for Echo Park residents. The Echo Park Lake bike share station is making modest headway after an initial pilot program, according to a Metro spokesperson. Though the station isn’t connected to a regular bike-sharing network, the Metro team is happy with the demand it’s seen thus far. During October and November alone, 800 trips had started or ended at the station, and Metro expects those numbers to rise in 2018.

Other commute possibilities are underway as well. Current plans for Elon Musk’s high-speed underground transportation could prove highly beneficial for Echo Park. Musks’ Boring Company revealed that the “Loop,” which transports people between San Francisco and Los Angeles at speeds of up to 150 mph, would stop in two Eastside neighborhoods: Echo Park and Silver Lake.

According to the Boring Company, “Phase 2 [of the Hyperloop] specifics would be developed in cooperation with Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, city governments in the greater Los Angeles area, and the general public.” While this wouldn’t come into fruition in the year 2018, it’s worth noting, as the production would certainly alter Echo Park real estate demographics. Those considering selling their Echo Park homes may see a major payout, while those thinking ahead of the tech transportation curve could jump in before real estate prices skyrocket.

More Relocators

As the Los Angeles population increases, we can expect more people to relocate to Echo Park. From 2016 to 2017, the city hit a record population in the 4 million-mark, and more people relocate to L.A. than any other city in California. Los Angeles continues to position itself as a dominant city, attracting more East Coasters than ever before.

A 2017 LinkedIn report found that for every 10,000 Los Angeles profiles, 7.3% were recent New York transplants. Most of those workers were in creative industries, and experts believe it’s because the L.A. economy is more attractive. Some housing experts believe that the L.A. infrastructure may not be able to support the wave of people coming into the city, but Echo Park’s recent real estate developments will only make it easier to transition.

Top 5 Eateries In Echo Park

Echo Park is known for having good food. And in this area, it’s not just about delicious bites: food serves as the epicenter, and Echo Park restaurants cultivate community, doubling as local hangouts and meeting grounds, too. Recently, a few more hip places have opened, adding to the roster of great places to eat. With so many options, prospective homebuyers looking for Echo Park real estate will never go hungry in their new homes. Here’s our roundup of the eateries in Echo Park:

Button Mash

As of this writing, Button Mash has a 4-star rating on Yelp with 406 reviews, and a 4.5 star rating on Google+ with 313 reviews. That’s not the kind of food community you build overnight. This Pan-Asian restaurant is part-arcade, part-eatery, and doles out more than a few surprises. In a Los Angeles Times article, Jonathan Gold said the wine list “is almost shockingly good” and that the cuisine was “light-years ahead of the grisly jalapeño poppers and frozen pizzas that pass for food at almost every other arcade.”

What to try: Double-fried Tamarind chicken wings, crispy tofu balls, Bun Cha Ha Noi (pork belly, fish sauce, lemongrass, caramel, rice noodles, herbs, butter lettuce cups)

Full menu here.


Taco spots are a dime a dozen in LA, but not all are created equal. You won’t find fancy decor at this unpretentious taco spot, but you’ll quickly see where all the attention is going. Guisados is one of the highest-rated spots in Los Angeles, period. Handmade tortillas and smoky spices help make this place one of the best savory options around. By now, the restaurant has expanded to quite a few locations, but the chain hasn’t detracted from the value-infused food.

What to try: Sampler platter, Conchinita pibil, steak piscado, pescado

Full menu here.


Photo source: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56e342a3f699bb9717352f28/t/5716bf11d51cd477edc427f2/1461108500324/ostrich-farm-interior.jpg?format=2500w

Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm is an Echo Park staple, and if you’re new to the area, you’ll quickly find out why. Situated right off of Griffith Park, this is a popular, intimate spot with a friendly staff and small menu that packs a powerful punch. Even the kitchen is too small, which means it only has enough room for the food that’s made fresh daily. The chef and owner is Jaime Turrey, who worked at several San Francisco restaurants before making his way to Echo Park. Brunch is especially popular here, and Angelenos come dressed the part.

What to try: Cheese plate, Pork “ossobuco”, spicy chickpeas, blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes

Full menu here.

Elf Cafe

Before Echo Park real estate reached property values in the millions and organic grocery stores began to sprout, Elf Cafe was leading the vegan and healthy eats scene. LA Weekly said of Elf Cafe, “Every dinner here feels like a special occasion.” And the decor, vibe, and meatless food are a testament to that.”This spot was also listed as one of LA’s most underrated restaurants. The menu is Mediterranean and features an all-natural wine list.

What to try: Moroccan vegetable tagine, California risotto, Buffalo oyster mushrooms

Full menu here.


Winsome, according to LA Weekly, the perfect embodiment of a carefree California lifestyle. Lush greenery and blood wood ceilings and both contribute to the laidback hipster atmosphere of the place. Even the Los Angeles Times said a visit to this spot feels like entering the modern version of Peru’s Machu Picchu. but of course the food is what continues to attract visitors to this fairly new eatery. Close to the Dodger Stadium, guests can enjoy highly-rate meals with great views of downtown.

What to try: Lamb ribs, Bone-in pork chop, potato rosti with eggs

Full menu here.