Baxter Street Stairs in Echo Park

Are you adventurous but getting tired of hiking the same trails and taking the same walks around Los Angeles? A fun way to stay active in Los Angeles is to visit many of the city’s hidden staircases. These staircases functioned in the 1920s as passageways between homes and the public transit system. Go on an adventure, and try to find all of the secret staircases in Los Angeles by starting with the Baxter Street Stairs in Echo Park. We be you can’t visit just one!

Exploring the hidden staircases of the city is a great way to get acquainted with the historic neighborhoods and architecture. You’ll discover new spots while exercising and finding new hiking trails and places to visit.


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The Baxter Street stairs travel up a hillside. You’ll walk up 231 uniform steps, which start at 1501 Baxter Street. You can find parking on the residential street before starting your climb. The stairs end at 2101 Park Drive, but if you continue walking, you’ll make your way through the Echo Park Trail.

On the staircase, you can see downtown Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory, Echo Park, Elysian Park, the Hollywood Sign, and Dodger Stadium. There’s a lot to see and find as you rise in elevation.

For more information on the staircases of Los Angeles, you may want to check out Charles Fleming’s Secret Stairs – A Walking Guide to the Historic Staircases of Los Angeles. Fleming, of the LA Times, describes how hidden staircases like these were pedestrian walkways between neighborhoods and surrounding schools and shopping. Before most families had cars, they would take the stairs to the trolley system to get around the city and to and from work.

Echo Park, known as the home of many celebrities, is a neighborhood in Los Angeles bordered by the Elysian Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, and Chinatown. Echo Park has a lot to offer in the dining and nightlife department. You can also enjoy a game at Dodger Stadium and a drink. Don’t forget Echo Park Lake, where families can go urban fishing and enjoy the lotus garden. If you haven’t yet, be sure to visit Elysian Park, where there are many hiking trails and bike trails.


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While you’re there, you may want to check out some of these businesses near the Baxter Street Stairs:

-Delilah Bakery

-Sunset Beer Company

-FIX Coffee Shop

-The Park’s Finest BBQ

Here are some other “secret” staircases to put on your list as you explore L.A.:

-Music Box Steps

-Santa Monica Stairs

Berendo Stairs in Los Feliz

-Beachwood Canyon Stairs

-Murphy Ranch Trail

Have fun hitting the trails!

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