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With the wonderful and highly-rated Farmer’s food market right in the backyard, South Pasadena is no stranger to strong flavors and culinary class. This is a city with plenty of food events to please any palate, and the many South Pasadena restaurants are a testament of what to expect. Cos & Pi is known for their seasonal and lunch menus; Fiore Market Cafe brought a little bit of Italy back to South Pasadena with their baked breads and fresh sandwiches; and Gus’s BBQ has effectively transplanted Southern hospitality and cuisine with rich, flavorful meats and great service.

As you can tell, food is one of South Pasadena’s strong points. In addition to their many restaurants, there are also plenty of food-related activities happening in the immediate and surrounding areas, and they’re well worth checking out. Here are a few food events to consider:

Taste of South Pasadena

With so many restaurant options in South Pasadena, choosing just one can quickly become difficult, especially when they’re strongly rated evenly across the board. The annual “Taste of South Pasadena” event aims to cure any indecision you might have. It takes event-goers on a journey through some of the area’s best cuisine and best restaurants.

Bringing together some of the best food enthusiasts, it allows attendants to sample food and drinks from over 20 participating restaurants. Together, you’ll stroll around South Pasadena, stopping to savor small plates and enjoy friendly conversation. Events also have live music, optional wine tastings, and various other activities. If you have children, don’t worry: if they’re under 7, they’re free.

Los Angeles Times FoodBowl x Crossings

This year, the second annual LA Times FoodBowl takes place at the Crossings restaurant in South Pasadena. This festival aims to feature the best of the city’s food and drink scene, and will be serving a one-time menu from chef Kevin Malone, which will be paired with wines that are hand picked and imported by Karl Curran and Charlemagne Fine Wines. There’s a limited time availability for seating, but if you miss it this year, you can always try again next year. The menu includes caviar, oysters, duck, and beef ribeye cap among others.

Angeleno Winemaker Dinner

The Angeleno Winemaker Dinner also takes place at South Pasadena’s Crossings restaurant, and will feature guest winemaker Jasper Dickson. Dickson works as a small-batch producer under his Rhythm Wine label. He purchases his grapes only from South California growers, and has been known for his intimate experimentation with different types of juices. The five-course meal will cost just $98, including tax and gratuity. Plates will include ceviche, monkfish, quail, pork belly, and churro.

Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet

You can expect food events happening every Mother’s Day in Pasadena, and this Mother’s Day brunch is a popular option. The The Mixx’s Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet offers bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and live jazz entertainment. The menu includes organic free range soft scrambled eggs, house made chicken sausage, apple smoked bacon, brioche French toast, a smoked salmon presentation, and much more. The Mixx–a popular new urban oasis for foodies–is known for hosting many other types of events, too. Check out their calendar for more information.

Introduction to Pu-erh Tea

At this “Introduction to Pu-erh Tea” event, Pu-erh expert Jeffrey McIntosh (who owns multiple tea companies) will share his personal experiences in the tea industry, detailing his many adventures visiting tea mountains and regions around the world over the last decade. Pu-erh tea is a variety of dark tea that’s grown exclusively in the Yunnan Province of China. McIntosh’s goal is to educate people on why Pu-erh tea is so fascinating by exploring ripe and raw variations, fermentation processes, health benefits, and various other tasting characteristics. This one hour class and tea-tasting session costs $65 per person.

Masters of Taste, Pasadena Rose Bowl

The Masters of Taste food and drink festival is a regular tradition at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. This single-day luxury festival brings in food and crafted drinks from over 40 different restaurants and master chefs, and also features live music and entertainment. The festival is broken down into three master food concepts, which include, “Sweet Masters,” “Culinary Masters,” and “Beverage Masters.” Featured vendors include Sprinkles, The Raymond 1886, and the Butter Cake Shoppe. Beverage Masters bring in some of L.A.’s best master mixologists, concocting creations from some of California’s best wineries and craft breweries. Every year, the event takes place at the Rose Bowl stadium and expects to bring in at least 2,500 food and drink enthusiasts. All ticket proceeds will benefit the Union Station Homeless Services.

Future Con

While this event isn’t a food-specific gathering, it gets a worthy mention because it’s a popular event with great food that serves as the backdrop to a tech space. Future-Con celebrates the latest in consumer technology from different industry innovators. Learn more about virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, game learning, smart tech, and so much more. Many of the tech products will be available for purchase, and you’ll get the opportunity to see the latest advancements demonstrated live before you make a decision.

According to the event’s ticketing page, “Along with the latest in innovation, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food from some of the best culinary artists which will be sure to satisfy your appetite.” Tech + cuisine sounds like a recipe for a good evening.

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