Carroll Avenue in Echo Park

Carroll Avenue near Echo Park is one of the most famous streets in the country, having been immortalized through television and film due to its beauty. The street is the location of some of the oldest houses in the city of Los Angeles, including 19th century Victorian designs. As one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, it was listed in 1976 in the National Register of Historic Places.

As you visit Los Angeles, look for the historical marker on Carroll Avenue while you search for homes from your favorite Hollywood productions. The sign reads, “Highest Concentration of Victorian Era Residences” and lists the Cultural Heritage Board Monuments numbers associated with the historical structures. Here you’ll see architecture that playfully mixes Victorian styles with Japanese and Scottish styles of decor.

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You’ll recognize 1345 Carroll Avenue as the home filmed in the music video Thriller, starring legend Michael Jackson and movie star Vincent Price. John Landis directed the music video in 1983. Rewatch the video and see if you can spot the same house!

Next, if you’re a fan of Adam Sandler, you won’t want to miss 1324 Carroll Avenue, which was featured as Grandma Lily’s home in Grandma’s Boy. Sandler was an executive producer on this 2006 comedy; the film stars Allen Covert as Alex, a video game tester who moves in with his grandmother after his roommate fails to make rent. Nicholaus Goossen directed the film, and Nick Swardson and Covert co-wrote the script about Alex’s wacky dilemmas as he works on his own original video game.

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Remember the magical television show Charmed about the three enchanted Halliwell sisters? They lived together in their mother’s home, Halliwell Manor, the exterior of which was actually filmed at the location of 1329 Carroll Avenue. This house is also known as the Innes House, previously occupied by Daniel Innes and built in 1887. The home evokes the Victorian style popular in Los Angeles, the structure spans 2,900 square feet (including 5 bedrooms, and one bath). Don’t be fooled by the storyline of the TV show, which is set in San Francisco.

Many of the beautiful homes in Los Angeles are located in Echo Park, and the neighborhood is home to many well-loved Hollywood celebrities. Near Echo Park you will find Downtown Los Angeles, Chinatown, Silver Lake, and the Elysian Valley. Visit Echo Park to enjoy the excellent dining and nightlife options, enjoy a game at Dodger Stadium, fish in the city and experience the lotus garden at Echo Park Lake, and explore the biking and hiking trails of Elysian Park.

Other sights to visit in Echo Park include:

-Echo Park Time Travel Mart

-The Echo and The Echoplex

-Chavez Ravine Arboretum

-Baxter Street Stairs

Are you excited to learn more about the neighborhood of Echo Park and homes in the historic areas of Los Angeles? Feel free to contact our experienced team at Real Estate Unlimited for a consultation. We are knowledgeable on the history of and the properties in Los Angeles, and we are happy to share our listings of homes in Southern California.

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