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Rock On at the Eagle Rock Music Festival

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Eagle Rock has several year-round venues, but every October music lovers converge on this Los Angeles neighborhood for the Eagle Rock Music Festival. In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on Eagle Rock’s biggest annual event!

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This local labor of love is now in its 18th year, thanks to the dedicated promoters, nonprofit orgs, and volunteers who have cultivated the event since its humble beginnings in 1998.

In its inaugural year, the festival featured just ten bands, and the audience mostly consisted of families in the neighborhood. This year, the event attracted tens of thousands of fans, and the roster included more than forty musical acts performing on a dozen different stages.

The festival takes over six blocks of Colorado Boulevard, from Eagle Rock Boulevard to Argus Drive. The festival’s epicenter is Eagle Rock’s Colorado Boulevard, but the massive concert has spilled out into auxiliary stages housed in local businesses. Lead organizers are excited to see the festival growing and going strong, but still hope to retain the authentic “charm” of a truly local event. Upwards of nine tenths of the performers are from the Los Angeles area, in keeping with the festival’s local vibe.

The Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, a small nonprofit organization that employs just a handful of fulltime staffers, masterminds the annual festival. Planning for the event begins several months ahead of time, early in April, when organizers contact city officials and performers to hammer out a tentative schedule. In keeping with the festival’s neighborhood-friendly ethos, planning is a collaboration between local officials and business owners, the Center for the Arts, and the affiliated nonprofit organizations who oversee year-round music educational efforts.

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The Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock pays for all city permits and services, arrangements which amount to only a small fraction of the planning process for the festival. Admission to the festival is free, but participants are encouraged to give a ten dollar suggested donation, to allow organizers to continue to cover the cost of the festival and continue many of the arts and music programs festival organizers curate in local schools. Each year, more than a hundred businesses, groups, and individuals support the festival with sponsorships and personal donations.

In addition to cultural and community value, the festival is a big financial win for Eagle Rock – the music festival is the single biggest day of the year for local restaurants and shops. Tens of thousands of people visit the neighborhood from all over Southern California, staying to eat, drink, and shop while they listen to local musicians. The integrated structure of the festival, with audiences encouraged to flow freely from stage to stage, is part of the design – many visiting fans use the festival as an excuse to explore downtown venues.

During the festival, Colorado Boulevard becomes a walkable gallery of stages set up for diverse musical acts. As the organizers say, the festival is designed with variety in mind. If you don’t like what you hear, just walk a block down the street and you’ll find something completely different! Annual installations include the Razorcake/Zocaloc Stage, dedicated to hard rock and punk; the Family Stage, for kid-friendly tunes, crafts, and magicians; and the Emerging Stage, which foregrounds indie and local acts.

Local restaurants are generally packed during the festival’s run, and food stalls and trucks crowd the sidewalks. The festival prides itself on having one of the best culinary lineups in the area, and many restaurants near Colorado Boulevard post special menus to celebrate the festival.

Whatever you like to listen to, the Eagle Rock Music Festival has something you’ll love. If you’re planning to visit Eagle Rock, consider scheduling your trip around this vibrant local festival!

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Top Activities for Kids in Eagle Rock


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Eagle Rock has also become a popular neighborhood for younger couples purchasing their first homes, which means that the area is extremely family friendly. Sunny weather year round makes it easy to plan outdoor fun, and Eagle Rock’s proximity to Downtown Los Angeles means a busy events calendar. If you’re looking for exciting activities for your little ones, Eagle Rock has plenty on offer. In this post, we’ll give you the rundown on the top activities for kids in Eagle Rock!

Eagle Rock Recreation Center

The Eagle Rock Recreation Center has it all – three baseball diamonds, a basketball court, a gymnasium, two football fields, a tennis court, a children’s play zone, and two picnic areas with barbecues. Whether you’re planning a birthday cookout or just want to give the kids a chance to run around outside, Eagle Rock Recreation Center has got you covered.

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Peekaboo Playland

Looking for an indoor spot on one of SoCal’s rare rainy days? The Peekaboo Playland is an inventive indoor play space where your kids can run around for hours. In addition to craft tables and plenty of Peekaboo Playland’s own eco-friendly toys, the space holds a ball pit and pretend play area that will spark kids’ imaginations on even the dreariest of rainy afternoons. There’s also unlimited coffee and wi-fi access for parents hoping to catch up on work while kids play.

All Star Lanes

This family-friendly bowling alley boasts twenty-two lanes, pool tables, an arcade filled with newer and vintage games, and a cocktail lounge to provide a classy parental retreat. Staff members are happy to provide bumpers for smaller kids who need an assist.

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The Awesome Playground

Just like the name says, this indoor-outdoor playspace offers playground rides, climbing structures, hands-on learning exhibits, kid-size ride-on vehicles, playhouses, and towering bouncy slides. Kid-friendly entertainment also includes “Guitar A Tots,” a spirited weekly Friday sing-a-long, “Arts and Crafts,” and “Painting Time.” The indoor-outdoor setup is perfect for bringing your own picnic lunch.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

If your kids want to get crafty, there’s no better place than Leanna Lin’s Wonderland. Pint-size jewelry makers can string beads into their own unique creations, which can then be strung by staff. Kid-friendly layout trays make it easy for even small children to create colorful earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Eagle Rock Canyon Trail

This trail offers you a winding mile-long walk through one of Southern California’s most stunning landscapes, including a perfect vista from which to see all of the Los Angeles city and skyline. Best of all, you can show your kids the neighborhood’s eponymous “Eagle Rock,” a local landmark said to resemble an eagle. Pack a picnic or some snacks and enjoy the day outdoors!

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Purple Twig

Purple Twig is an art exploration studio with a range of course offerings, including “Mommy and Me” classes for young children. At drop off classes running throughout the week, kids ages three to nine can enjoy hands-on practice with a variety of media, including painting, clay sculpture, ceramics, drawing, and collage. Saturdays from ten to four, kids can visit an “open studio” session and work one-on-one or in supervised groups with an art docent. Open studio classes focus on a new technique every week, and past entries have included mural painting, sewing, and papier maché.

The Little Beast

If you’re looking for a culinary upgrade from Chuck E. Cheese, The Little Beast is sure to please both parents and progeny – this stylish Echo Park bistro offers tasty Mediterranean fusion cuisine like sautéed scallops and braised short ribs with mustard greens for adult palates, but they’ve also got a healthy-yet-delicious kids’ menu including comfort food like mashed potatoes, roasted chicken, and tasty broccoli, as well as a Little Beast Jr. Burger and fries.

Fosters Freeze

Established in 1946, Fosters Freeze is California’s first fast food chain, and one of the oldest franchises in the nation. If you grew up anywhere in the Golden State, you’re probably already familiar with the signature vanilla soft-serve cone logo. Their famous soft-serve ice cream is available in cups, cones, sundaes, and banana splits. They also sell burgers, fries, and other drive-in fare for customers in need of a more substantial lunch.

As you can see, there’s a lot on offer in Eagle Rock for families in search of kid-friendly entertainment and activity. Check out one of these neighborhood destinations for a fun-filled excursion!

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Best Pizza Places in Eagle Rock

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If you’re a connoisseur of the ‘za, Eagle Rock has plenty of options from gluten-free and vegan to classic cheese and tomato. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best places in Eagle Rock to order pizza.

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Casa Bianca

This unpretentious, family-owned restaurant serves hearty old-world fare like spaghetti carbonara and chicken piccata, but Italian-style pizza makes this venue a local landmark. Casa Bianca pizzas are served on crispy Roman-style thin crust, and they offer a range of toppings so you can customize your own. Try the Pizza Bianco, a variation on a traditional Italian “pizza margarita,” for a savory lunch. If you’re planning a party, supplement your pies with their heaping pasta al forno or antipasto take out platters.

Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria

Big Mama and Papa’s is a casual counter-style chain known for jumbo-size thick-crust pizzas. Their pesto pizza, covered with tangy peppers and grilled shrimp, is a local favorite. If you’re looking for a game day feast, Big Mama and Papa’s also sells appetizers like buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings, and you can add a gluten-free crust to any pie.

TOWN Pizza

Their bright-red store front is a local landmark, and their pizzas are a local favorite. They offer a 14” medium that’s perfect to share, or an 18” large that’s perfect for delivery, and they use organic, local, seasonal, and sustainably-farmed products whenever possible. The extensive menu options include several vegan and gluten-free selections, as well as creative combos like bacon, fig, and fried sage; parmesan and gorgonzola; and beet and arugula. Try swapping out a classic tomato base for house-made pesto or molé sauce.

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The Capri Italian

The Capri fills up with a lively crowd at happy hour, both for the cozy and convivial atmosphere and the bargain Italian bar bites including buttery garlic knots, savory meatballs, and garlic shrimp flatbread. The pizza menu includes inventive creations like the Cuban pizza, designed in homage to the classic Cuban sandwich – garlic oil, pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard crème fraiche – and the Alfredo Chicken, with creamy homemade sauce.

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Pizza Man

Pizza Man combines restaurant-style service with inexpensive delivery options, and the Pizza Man brand is all about pizza “your way.” Customers can choose from thirty-five fresh pizza toppings to craft their perfect pie. This delivery-only operation also offers make-your-own pasta entrees, build-your-own salads, and specialty buffalo wings in a dozen different flavors from spicy Thai to searing Red Dragon.

Whether you’re looking for a cheesy Hawaiian or a vegan pesto, Eagle Rock has got a pizza with your name on it.  Stop in to one of these local restaurants and order your own!

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Spots in Eagle Rock

February 14th is almost here! Whether you’re looking for a chic bistro or an old-fashioned steakhouse, we’ve got you covered on the most romantic holiday of the year. Today we’ll take you on a special Valentine’s Day tour of the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

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Café Beaujolais

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Café Beaujolais is a culinary standout, serving up traditional and contemporary French-inspired cuisine with fresh California ingredients. Housed in a converted Victorian building originally built in 1893, the interior lends a cozy yet elegant atmosphere to a quiet dinner for two. House specialties include oven-baked halibut in champagne sauce, buttery escargot, and succulent duck confit – but vegetarians will find plenty of meat-free selections, including Café Beaujolais’ signature mushroom torte.

Little Beast Restaurant


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If you’d like to try something a bit more contemporary, Little Beast serves up innovative California cuisine with an emphasis on flavorful additions and creative combinations – the menu shifts season by season to incorporate locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. The quaint vintage bungalow makes this an intimate setting for a romantic Valentine’s Day supper, and the patio is perfect for Los Angeles’ sunny early-spring weather.

Columbo’s Italian Steakhouse and Jazz Club

Is your date a Sinatra fan? If you’re looking to invoke a little of that old Hollywood magic, celebrate Valentine’s Day in swingin’ style at Columbo’s. A local institution, Columbo’s specializes in substantial Italian fare, and the menu is heavy on classic dishes like hand-rolled ricotta and eggplant lasagna and garlicky shrimp scampi. Guests can also customize their own dish by choosing a pasta, sauce, and additions like salmon and pesto. Live music by a rotating selection of jazz and soul musicians plays nearly every evening, so check Columbo’s event calendar for details on upcoming concerts.

Room 31


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Speaking of painting the town red, you don’t have to reserve a table at the Tropicana to treat your date to cocktail that would wow Dean Martin. If you’re looking for an artisan cocktail bar right in Eagle Rock, check out Room 31. The relaxed, secluded setting is perfect for a romantic evening. The menu promotes high-end twists on classics like the Manhattan and the Negroni, singular cocktails that include fresh-squeezed juices, house-made syrups and infusions. For a sweet Valentine’s treat, sample the Dear Audrey’s delicate violette liqueur blend, or try a juicy Blackberry Smash.

Highland Café

If you envision a tasty Valentine’s Day brunch followed by a romantic hike in the hills, we recommend the Highland Café. This laidback sidewalk café sells lunch and pastries as well as a substantial breakfast menu that includes savory and sugary favorites like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and strawberry-topped Belgian waffles. Stake out one of the café tables out front or sink into a pair of easychairs indoors. Order a pair of sandwiches to go for the perfect picnic lunch.

Camilo’s California Bistro


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Camilo’s is a family-owned restaurant that blends creative cuisine with comfortable surroundings. Menu selections blend the heartiness of comfort food with the inspired flavors and presentation of haute cuisine. The breakfast menu includes sweet treats like the Bananas Foster waffles with cognac and pecans and the brioche French toast with Grand Marnier-laced batter. Dinner selections range from the snappy ceviche martini to Camilo’s signature feta-stuffed chicken breast. Camilo’s “California” focus means that morning and evening menus include a wide range of vegetarian options.

Crawfish on Fire

Maybe you’d like to treat your Valentine to some lobster? Crawfish on Fire serves up generous portions of fresh, locally-sourced seafood – their diverse selection includes crab, calamari, mussels, and multiple varieties of crawfish boil from Cajun pepper to baja-inspired lime. Crawfish on Fire’s tangy lemon pepper fries are the perfect companion for just about any seafood dish.

Los Angeles hosts a rich array of dining and entertainment options – and these are just a few of the options on offer in Eagle Rock. Check out one of these local favorites on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll be sure to have a fun and romantic holiday!

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Real Estate Unlimited is a real-estate company dedicated to representing clients in Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Silver Lake and other historic neighborhoods throughout the Los Angeles area. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the Los Angeles area, and we’re glad to give our clients the benefit of our local expertise. Call us to schedule a consultation today!

Why Eagle Rock Is One of America’s ‘Hottest Neighborhoods’

Eagle Rock, a Northwestern neighborhood of Los Angeles, California was called “One of America’s ‘Hottest Neighborhoods’” by LA Weekly, and it’s easy to see why. Eagle Rock has many endearing and exciting features to consider if you are looking for a home in L.A. This hip neighborhood has a lot to offer.

Reasons Why Eagle Rock is a “Hot” Place to Live:

The food in Eagle Rock is amazing. There’s a wide variety of eateries, restaurants, diners, and bars. When you’re in Eagle Rock, you have to explore the dining and shopping on Colorado Boulevard. The famous restaurants and well-loved spots on this street include: Swork, Casa Bianca Pizza Pie, Spitz, Cindy’s, CaCao Mexicatessan, Café Beaujolais, and The Oinkster. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee, a traditional and delicious pizza pie, or a taste of Mexican cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Eagle Rock.

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Don’t forget about the eateries on Eagle Rock Boulevard as well, including Patio Burgers & Beer, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, Ruby Bakery, Leo’s Tacos, and Senior Fish. Many of these eateries feature authentic local food and are loved by visitors and locals.

If you’re planning a visit to Eagle Rock, be sure to check out Fun Things to Do in Eagle Rock. Check out the used bookstores and innovative coffee shops that are unique to the area. Find and sample some of the best burgers in L.A., or attend a music festival and the Street Food Cinema movie screenings.

In addition to the great bites and fun things to do in the neighborhood, many residents of Eagle Rock praise the vibe in the neighborhood. Many describe Eagle Rock as a Los Angeles neighborhood with the feel of a small town. The neighborhood’s rich history (including the many Famous Residents of Eagle Rock) and its charming architecture add to the vibe.

Eagle Rock Hottest neighborhood 2

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Everyone appreciates a neighborhood that takes pride in its appearance, right? The community of Eagle Rock makes a point of keeping the neighborhood and the parks clean. It’s also a friendly place for pedestrians and families with dogs.

Besides the great features within Eagle Rock, one of the benefits of living there is being nearby all of the hottest places and cities. Eagle Rock is a short drive from Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, etc. This makes going to events in cities nearby, visiting family and friends, and/or commuting to and from work much easier.

Eagle Rock Hottest neighborhood 3

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As gentrification grows in Los Angeles neighborhoods, “hipster” scenes are appearing. Whether or not you identify with hipster culture, Eagle Rock and other L.A. neighborhoods have a lot to offer. These unique communities reflect passion about local/organic food, fair-trade coffee, art, music, education, and more.

Last but not least, many residents and visitors of Eagle Rock describe it as a safe and fun place to raise a family. If you have questions about homes in Eagle Rock, or if you are shopping for real estate in Los Angeles, feel free to contact our team at Real Estate Unlimited. You can search our listings of homes in communities in Los Angeles, including Eagle Rock, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Mt. Washington, Elysian Park, Highland Park, and more.

Fun Things to Do in Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, a Northeastern neighborhood in Los Angeles, California is home to approximately 30,000 people. This bohemian influenced portion of L.A. spans 4.25 square miles and is blooming today with art galleries, cafes, eateries, fashionable thrift stores, etc. Feel like a star while exploring this hip town near Hollywood.

If you’ve never been to Eagle Rock, or you’re looking to revisit your favorite spots, take a walking tour of the neighborhood. Make your way down Colorado Boulevard and Eagle Rock Boulevard. This will give you the chance to explore Eagle Rock’s famous shopping and dining at a leisurely pace. There are many vintage diners, antique shops, furniture stores, and bookstores to find in this Californian town.

Casa Bianca Stop by this neighborhood favorite for a pizza pie. Just look for the huge “Pizza Pie” sign on the building. Casa Bianca has been around for over 50 years and was founded by Sam Martorana, who brought over his family recipes and pizza experience from Chicago.

Read Books This used book store has all of the charms of a small, unique book shop. Come in for secondhand books, magazines, book club night, open mic night, tutoring, etc. This store is known for the quality of the books, which are curated by the owner.

Eagle Rock fun 1

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Pat and Lorraine’s Are you a Tarantino fan? Then you have to visit the diner from the famous scene in his film Reservoir Dogs. Drop in this diner for coffee and breakfast, but make sure you’re hungry because the portions are large. This diner has been in Eagle Rock for more than 30 years. The Latino influenced menu features breakfast burritos, as well as traditional American cuisine. The food here is made with love.

Swork – Looking for a morning pick-me-up or some caffeine in the afternoon? Enjoy fair-trade coffee and tea at Swork, where you can connect to the WiFi and enjoy the community space started by Tricia Neal. This family café also features Sworkland, an indoor playground for children to enjoy while parents drink their coffee. This “interactive coffee bar” tests its drinks in its drink lab.

The Oinkster This “fast-casual” burger joint by Chef Andre Guerrero celebrates American cuisine in a location formerly known as Jim’s Burgers. These shakes, burgers, onion, rings, pastrami sandwiches (and more) are delicious. There’s even a $10-and-under menu for those seeking a more affordable option.

Eagle Rock fun 2

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Street Food Cinema Enjoy a movie on the inflatable screen with your family and even your dog. This movie event was started five years ago by producers Heather Hope-Allison and Steven Allison to celebrate the best movies, local food, and local music.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland This is more than just a shop; it’s a studio and art gallery as well where you can find crafts by independent designers and artists. Leanna Lin’s Wonderland prides itself on its kitschy style and curates everything “cute.” Come in to the DIY beading studio to work on your own creations.

Eagle Rock fun 3

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Peekaboo Playland Looking for something to do with the kids? Peekaboo Playland offers an indoor playground with slides, toys, and more. It’s also a popular spot for private parties and events.

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Famous Residents of Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock, a neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles, has had a long history with celebrity, including big names in Hollywood. Next time you’re in the San Rafael Hills or cruising down Colorado Boulevard, remember the history of one of the “hottest neighborhoods” in L.A.

Here are some of the biggest names who have lived in Eagle Rock:

John Steinbeck – You’ve more than likely grown up reading one or more of this famous author’s novels in school. Steinbeck, who wrote Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, lived on Campus Road in Eagle Rock while serving as a lecturer at Occidental College.

Famous Eagle Rock 1

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Marlon Brando – One of the most famous actors of all time, with a face that breaks hearts, was married in Eagle Rock at his grandmother’s house. Brando’s appearances ranged from A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, Guys and Dolls, The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and more.

Marley Shelton – This Hollywood actress attended Eagle Rock High School before landing roles in Grand Canyon, The Sandlot, Warriors of Virtue, Pleasantville, Sin City, Grindhouse, Never Been Kissed, and Bubble Boy. She also starred in the TV show Eleventh Hour.

Dalton Trumbo – One of the Hollywood Ten, Trumbo will forever be remembered in film history for penning the films Roman Holiday and Spartacus.

Lindsay Wagner – Wagner is now an adjunct professor at San Bernardino Valley College, but before that she was loved by her fans as Jaime Sommers in The Bionic Woman and in The Six Million Dollar Man. She lived in Eagle Rock as a student following her parents’ divorce.

Famous Eagle Rock 2

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Conrad Buff IV – This film editor worked on one of the most famous films ever made: the Titanic, Buff was also the film editor on Thirteen Days and Terminator 2, and worked as the visual effects editor on The Empire Strikes Back and Ghostbusters. His grandparents Mary and Conrad were famous children’s books creators in Eagle Rock and his father Conrad is an architect.

President Barack Obama – One of the most famous alumni of them all, Obama attended Occidental College. Other famous alumni include Luke Wilson, Terry Gilliam, and Ben Affleck. Affleck lived in Eagle Rock on Hill Drive while writing the screenplay Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon.

Famous Eagle Rock 3

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In addition to its rich history, Eagle Rock in Los Angeles is also a wonderful place to live with a stable real estate market. The neighborhood features historic homes of the rich and wealthy built in the 20’s and charming architecture. Eagle Rock is also a popular spot for shopping and dining. Visit Los Angeles Real Estate Unlimited today to view listings of homes in Eagle Rock.


Eagle Rock Restaurants, Night Life and Entertainment

Looking for something to do in Eagle Rock? There’s always something out there for everyone in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock in Northeast Los Angeles, California. Below are a few popular options to choose from.

Black Boar

This bar, located near Trader Joes, serves strong drinks and craft beer. The atmosphere is what makes it unique, including taxidermy, a fireplace, and farmhouse tables. This 1400 square foot bar doesn’t serve food, so be sure to eat before or after coming in. Locals like this spot for the jukebox and the great service.

1630 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock restaurants1

Photo Credit:

The Eagle Rock Lounge

The Eagle Rock Lounge is a mix of a sports bar and a gastropub. Many customers stop by to watch games on the televisions and the projector screen. Others love listening to the jukebox and using the Wi-Fi. You can also stop by The Eagle Rock Lounge for cocktails, wine, wings, and bottomless mimosas on the weekends. The bar also features board game nights, retro video games, a tap takeover once a month, and a happy hour every weekday. If you’re feeling hungry, try the salads, flatbreads, burgers, bruschetta, chicken chimichurri, and more.

1954 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

All Star Lanes

This bowling alley is a favorite of locals in Eagle Rock who enjoy bowling at the 22 lanes, drinking at the cocktail lounge, and singing karaoke. Customers of all ages can enjoy bowling here, as well as pool, arcade games, and performances of local music. Don’t forget to stop by for the food: chicken wings, salad, fish and chips, chicken tenders, burgers, fries, etc.

4459 N Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Street Food Cinema

Are you a movie fan? If so, then you definitely have to check out the Street Food Cinema event in Eagle Rock. This event features pop-up movie screenings accompanied by gourmet food trucks and local music. Welcome to the drive-in of the future! Producers Heather Hope-Allison and Steve Allison (of TIL Lifestyle Marketing and Events) created this event back in 2012 to celebrate their love of movies and of food. As the largest outdoor movie series in the city, the event features DLP projection, high-definition quality, and QSC speakers and subs.

Take your family and your dog to this outdoor event, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The Street Food Cinema is hosting a screening of The Addams Family in Eagle Park in October this year and food from Street Kitchen LA will be available.

Eagle Rock restaurants2

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Curve Line Space

Curve Line Space is an art gallery, custom frame store, and a music venue. Tim Yalda is known for great service and amazing custom framing, as well as for booking great bands in his space. L.A. Weekly called Curve Line Space the “best jazz room that’s also a frame shop.” Stop by this venue for the jazz series or the Thursday music series.

1577 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, 90041

Eagle Rock Music Festival

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a celebration of local music, art, and food specific to the Northeast Los Angeles area. The festival works with local business owners to feature of the best of the neighborhood. Los Angeles Councilmember Jose Huizar sponsors the venue, and the event is organized by Center for the Arts Eagle Rock. The next festival will take place in Spring 2016.

If you enjoy spending time in Eagle Rock, visit Real Estate Unlimited to browse real estate in the Eagle Rock area. The team at Real Estate Unlimited is here to help you find the right property for you or to help you sell your property. Call us today, and we can help you streamline your real estate needs.