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Wildflower Trail – Elysian Park

Get out of the house this month and get some exercise by exploring the hiking trails in Los Angeles, like the Wildflower Trail in Elysian Park. Walking or running is an excellent form of healthy activity as well as relaxation while enjoying views of the Los Angeles skyline. Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time in nature.

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Take a friend, partner, family member, and/or your dog (make sure to bring a leash) and start out at the Wildflower Trail. You can take a picnic to Elysian Park before your walk, or take a walk to recover from a big meal in the restaurants in the area. Wildflower Trail goes for about three miles; along the way, you’ll notice a garden with a bench to rest at. From the trail, you’ll see views of Los Angeles, the Grace E. Simons Lodge, and beautiful wildflowers as you rise to 200 feet in elevation. Try to identify the wildflowers as you make your way through the park. You can enter the trail at 1025 Elysian Park Drive. This is a beginner level trail that is perfect for walking or running and for hikers of all levels, including children. You won’t regret leaving the house for a day on the trail and a breath of fresh air.

If you’re walking alone, put in your headphones and focus on your breathing as you walk the path. This mindfulness practice can be done while listening to music (but remember to be aware of your surroundings at all times). Many people find this is a great way to escape from stress and busy city life. The more you practice, the easier you will find it is to escape and relax on the trail.

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Elysian Park is open daily between 5 am and 9 pm and is located at 835 Academy Rd in Los Angeles, California. It’s the perfect spot to getaway from work, worries, hectic streets, and enjoy a picnic at the picnic areas and the BBQs in the park. Other places to visit while at Elysian PArk include the Victory Memorial Grove, the Chavez Ravine Arboretum, the Portola Trail Historical Monument, Dodger Stadium, and the Memorial Sculpture. This park spans 600 acres and also has baseball fields available. As you visit Elysian Park, also be sure to check out Angel’s Point Trail, Portola Trail, Elysian Park Drive Trail, West Loop Trail, and more as you explore.

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Elysian Park Hiking Trails

You may think it would be hard to escape into nature within the busy city of Los Angeles, but you’d be surprised at how many enjoyable activities there are to do in Elysian Park. Specifically, there are enjoyable hiking trails to try out here.

Elysian Park, located at 835 Academy Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, is open every day from 5 am to 9 pm. This park features baseball fields, BBQs, and picnic areas to enjoy with family and friends. You can also stop by the park to see the Chavez Ravine Arboretum, the Grace E. Simons Lodge and Memorial Sculpture, the Victory Memorial Grove, the Portola Trail Historical Monument, and the community garden. This park spans almost 600 acres and is not as crowded as the Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

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Elysian Park West Loop Trail: Located in the northwest area of the park and near downtown Los Angeles, this hike covers 2.4 miles and will take you up to194 feet of elevation gain. This hike is a good choice for beginners and is dog-friendly. It takes approximately one hour to walk it, and it is a nice hike at any time of year. To access the hike, park on the west side of Stadium Way and Elysian Park Drive. While on this hike, you can see the valley and the Grace E. Simons Lodge.

Angel’s Point Trail: This is another beginner level hike that should take approximately one hour to walk. It is a good choice for any time of year, and it’s located in the northern area of the park. The 2.8 miles will reach 200 feet of elevation gain.

There are some interesting stops along the way. On this trail, you will be able to see Hollywood, Dodger Stadium, the Golden State Freeway, Mount Washington, and the San Gabriel Mountains. You’ll also pass a large rock painted to look like a dragon. This trail is also located close to the park’s soccer fields and some of the BBQs.  You’ll also notice public art, including the Grace E. Simons Memorial Sculpture by Peter Shire.

To reach the Angel’s Point Trail, park on Elysian Park Drive and Stadium Way, and you can access the trail at Angel’s Point Road and Stadium Way. Note, there are some steep areas on this walk, so keep that in mind when choosing a hiking trail.

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Wildflower Trail: Take a walk on the Wildflower Trail to see the Grace E. Simons Lodge, Verdugo, and the San Gabriels. This hike is located at 1025 Elysian Park Drive, it goes on for 2.8 miles, and it hits 200 feet of elevation. On this hike, you’ll find a garden and yellow wildflowers when they are in bloom.

Portola Trail: This more advanced trail can be accessed from Grand View Drive and Park Row Drive. It takes 2.8 miles of walking to complete this trail, and it will probably take about 90 minutes to finish. Take this trail to spend some time away from busy city life. Note, there is a portion of the trail that is very steep, and it is recommended that you take a hiking pole with you for navigating these areas; this hike is not for beginners. Also, make sure you wear the right shoes.

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