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Top 5 Eateries In Echo Park

Echo Park is known for having good food. And in this area, it’s not just about delicious bites: food serves as the epicenter, and Echo Park restaurants cultivate community, doubling as local hangouts and meeting grounds, too. Recently, a few more hip places have opened, adding to the roster of great places to eat. With so many options, prospective homebuyers looking for Echo Park real estate will never go hungry in their new homes. Here’s our roundup of the eateries in Echo Park:

Button Mash

As of this writing, Button Mash has a 4-star rating on Yelp with 406 reviews, and a 4.5 star rating on Google+ with 313 reviews. That’s not the kind of food community you build overnight. This Pan-Asian restaurant is part-arcade, part-eatery, and doles out more than a few surprises. In a Los Angeles Times article, Jonathan Gold said the wine list “is almost shockingly good” and that the cuisine was “light-years ahead of the grisly jalapeño poppers and frozen pizzas that pass for food at almost every other arcade.”

What to try: Double-fried Tamarind chicken wings, crispy tofu balls, Bun Cha Ha Noi (pork belly, fish sauce, lemongrass, caramel, rice noodles, herbs, butter lettuce cups)

Full menu here.


Taco spots are a dime a dozen in LA, but not all are created equal. You won’t find fancy decor at this unpretentious taco spot, but you’ll quickly see where all the attention is going. Guisados is one of the highest-rated spots in Los Angeles, period. Handmade tortillas and smoky spices help make this place one of the best savory options around. By now, the restaurant has expanded to quite a few locations, but the chain hasn’t detracted from the value-infused food.

What to try: Sampler platter, Conchinita pibil, steak piscado, pescado

Full menu here.


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Ostrich Farm

Ostrich Farm is an Echo Park staple, and if you’re new to the area, you’ll quickly find out why. Situated right off of Griffith Park, this is a popular, intimate spot with a friendly staff and small menu that packs a powerful punch. Even the kitchen is too small, which means it only has enough room for the food that’s made fresh daily. The chef and owner is Jaime Turrey, who worked at several San Francisco restaurants before making his way to Echo Park. Brunch is especially popular here, and Angelenos come dressed the part.

What to try: Cheese plate, Pork “ossobuco”, spicy chickpeas, blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes

Full menu here.

Elf Cafe

Before Echo Park real estate reached property values in the millions and organic grocery stores began to sprout, Elf Cafe was leading the vegan and healthy eats scene. LA Weekly said of Elf Cafe, “Every dinner here feels like a special occasion.” And the decor, vibe, and meatless food are a testament to that.”This spot was also listed as one of LA’s most underrated restaurants. The menu is Mediterranean and features an all-natural wine list.

What to try: Moroccan vegetable tagine, California risotto, Buffalo oyster mushrooms

Full menu here.


Winsome, according to LA Weekly, the perfect embodiment of a carefree California lifestyle. Lush greenery and blood wood ceilings and both contribute to the laidback hipster atmosphere of the place. Even the Los Angeles Times said a visit to this spot feels like entering the modern version of Peru’s Machu Picchu. but of course the food is what continues to attract visitors to this fairly new eatery. Close to the Dodger Stadium, guests can enjoy highly-rate meals with great views of downtown.

What to try: Lamb ribs, Bone-in pork chop, potato rosti with eggs

Full menu here.

Best Places to Grab a Bite in Los Feliz

eat 1

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The Los Feliz neighborhood is one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse in Los Angeles. As a result, residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a place to eat. In this post, we’ll share some of our very favorite dining options in the area, so you’ve got a shortlist when you plan your next visit!

eat 2

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Like most parts of Los Angeles, traditional and fusion Mexican-inspired cuisine makes a strong showing in Los Feliz. One standout venue is Yuca’s, whose original location opened here in Los Feliz just over thirty year ago. The owner won a James Beard Award for her superlative cookery, and the resulting media buzz allowed her to open a glossy second location on Hollywood. We prefer the original location, whose cozy, intimate interior is the perfect place to enjoy Mexican cuisine from Socorro Herrera’s kitchen. You can find a long list of traditional favorites on Yuca’s simple yet splendid menu, and we recommend Yuca’s burrito: satisfying comfort food in an unassuming package.

Figaro Bistrot

If you’re planning a romantic evening, you can’t choose a better restaurant than Figaro Bistrot, a little slice of Paris in the heart of Los Feliz. Mirrored walls in gold lettering, spindly ironwork chairs, and elegant menus for the patrons: you’ll think you’re in Montmartre. The pastry case near the front entrance is filled with scrumptious creations of delicate pastry and rich cream, including eclairs, profiteroles, and a gleaming selection of fresh fruit tarts according to the season. If you’d like to sit outside and watch the people strolling by in traditional flaneur style, grab one of the wicker chairs out front and sample a noisette or a café au lait. If you’d like a more substantial lunch, try the onion soup covered with a toasty golden-brown layer of molten gruyere, or the veal entrecote with tangy green pepper sauce.

Looking for a music and cocktail venue to round out your evening? Check out the Dresden in Los Feliz!


Named for the Italian word for “hope,” this family-friendly restaurant concentrates on fresh, unpretentious Italian fare. Tender, homemade pasta and tasty homemade sauce makes up the bulk of the menu, and every single combination – especially the ones that come paired with succulent seafood – is worth trying. We like the carbonara and the creamy alfredo on a platter of linguine, but we can’t honestly say that any of Speranza’s pasta dishes are anything but sublime. Perfect for an extended-family visit or a quiet Sunday night meal – just bring a hearty appetite.

eat 3

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O Banh Mi

O Banh Mi is one of Los Feliz’ best kept secrets – and one of its most precious. This little Vietnamese sandwich shop is hard to suss out, with the only signage being a neon O shining in the window. O Banh Mi is devoted to banh mi, the traditional Vietnamese sandwiches comprised of pate, honey, meat, cilantro, and crunchy cucumber and carrots on a fresh baguette. Opening hours are restricted from noon to 4 p.m., and residents in the know show up at noon on Friday, when a whole roasted pig is brought in to furnish the afternoon’s batch of sandwiches. If you’re interested in trying another variety of banh mi, you can choose from pork, chicken, or tofu. More adventurous snackers may want to try the pungent anchovies or salty squid version. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy an authentic Vietnamese treat. Just remember to get there by four – and don’t forget to bring cash.


Okay, maybe it’s cheating for us to put an ice cream parlor on the list – but you won’t blame us for making an exception when you see what McConnell’s has to offer. This small chain of ice cream parlors originates in Santa Barbara. The Los Feliz branch opened just last year, and it’s safe to say that it’s a neighborhood hit. (Proximity to another Los Feliz crowd-pleaser, HomeState, definitely isn’t hurting McConnell’s chances of becoming a neighborhood fixture.) The parlor includes a rotating selection of seasonal flavors as well as several permanent options. We like the chocolate almond brittle and the cool peppermint stick. Fruit flavors tend to be seasonal, but they’re always fresh, inventive, and delicious.

eat 4

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Go Get Em Tiger

As the name implies, this restaurant is a great place to refuel – breakfast, lunch, and sandwich options are among the most unique – and delicious – in Los Angeles. Their coffee and espresso drink menu is inventive and consistently delicious – try the almond-macadamia latte for a sugary pick me up – but sandwiches and homemade baked goods are not to be missed. If you’re a blintz fan, try the L.A. Baby, a baked pancake served with crème fraiche and fruity preserves. If you’re in the mood for a savory breakfast option, try the toasted pan de sel breakfast sandwich with egg, bacon, onion jelly, and spicy arugula. The chicken salad sandwich on a baguette is our favorite for a fortifying lunch, but don’t be afraid to explore the daily and weekly specials, which are rotated frequently. Just don’t forget to grab a cookie for dessert!

Planning a weekend trip to the neighborhood? Don’t forget the Greek Theatre in Los Feliz!

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Seven Best Restaurants in Los Feliz

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Alcove Café Patio – Photo Credit:

Like so many of Los Angeles’ signature neighborhoods, Los Feliz is a vibrant mix of quirky charm, hip upscale hot spots, and old Hollywood glamour. In this post, we’ll give a list of the seven best restaurants in Los Feliz!

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Little Dom’s

As the name insouciantly implies, Little Dom’s is the little brother of gone-but-not-forgotten Dominick’s in West Hollywood. Italian-influenced cuisine with an emphasis on satisfying plates like scrambled eggs bruschetta, meatball sandwiches on soft baguettes, and crisp golden whitefish picatta. If you’re in the mood for a sweet breakfast, the fluffy ricotta and blueberry pancakes are ridiculously delicious. If you’re looking for an affordable prix fixe spread that will leave you stuffed, the three-course Monday-night supper provides you with delicious home cooking at a bargain price.

Alcove Café and Bakery

Don’t let the name fool you – the Alcove’s menu is by no means limited to scones and avocado toast. This cottage-like café serves up heaping plates of gourmet American dishes as well as a long list of lighter fare like salads, wraps, and paninis. If you are hoping to grab a cup of coffee and a bite of pastry, the plethora of baked goods in the pastry window includes raisin-studded scones, buttery croissants, soft danishes, and frosted cinnamon rolls. If your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, grab a house-made chocolate bar from the display by the register – flavors include but most definitely are not limited to red velvet, salted caramel, and orange-infused mimosa. If you stop in for an early dinner, the adjacent Big Bar is the perfect spot to stop for an eclectic lineup of cocktails, craft brews, and fine wines alongside an innovative selection of bar bites.

restaurant 2

Diners at HomeState – Photo Credit:


As with most neighborhoods in this SoCal metropolis, you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re looking for tacos or tortas in and around Los Feliz. If you’re on the hunt for Tex-Mex in particular, however, your options may be slightly more limited so many miles from El Paso. HomeState will cure your homesick yearning for Lone Star-style Mexican food, with an exhaustive menu that is especially heavy on the savory breakfast options: fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, melted cheese, refried charro beans, spicy chorizo, tender brisket, and more. Migas, chilaquiles, tamales – and if you really want to try an original fusion creation, check out their signature Frito Pie in a Bag, a crunchy bag of Fritos covered with chile con carne, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and Mexican-style giardinera.

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Stamp Proper Foods

This unique café-market hybrid brings a whole new meaning to “farm to table” – Stamp Proper Foods is designed to serve as your one-stop shop for purchasing healthy ingredients and sampling healthy meals. Breakfast is on offer all day long, including savory Mexican-inspired fare like molé omelets, vegan chilaquiles, and piquant avocado toast. Sandwiches, soups, and salads are also served all day, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients in inventive combinations. If you’re gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian, Stamp Proper Foods is a very welcoming place – try the roasted sweet potato sandwich and or the zoodle salad with lemony vinaigrette dressing. Fill your basket with house-made granola bars, cookies, and other snacks.

Farfalla Trattoria

Traditional Italian fare makes a strong showing throughout Los Feliz, but we like Farfalla’s wholesome yet piquant menu. Portions are hearty, with an emphasis on familiar Italian favorites like chicken marsala, fluffy gnocchi, and homey pasta e fagioli. Crispy thin-crust Italian-style pizzas are also on offer, with toppings like juicy red onions and tender artichoke hearts. If you’re in the mood to split a bottle of authentic Italian vino rosso, Farfalla Trattoria boasts an exhaustive wine list, with flavorful selections starting at under ten dollars.


MessHall is a dinette with a difference. Their theme is an original twist on summer camp food, with the mission statement to revive – and riff on – All-American comfort food favorites. Flavor profiles are simple without ever being bland or predictable. Their turkey kale chili is served with a thick slice of fresh golden cornbread, and their smoked corn fritters are garnished with a piquant poblano chili and pumpkin seen romesco. If you’re in the mood for more adult fare, MessHall also has a standout raw bar, including oysters with a variety of fresh dressings, tart ceviche, succulent shrimp cocktails, and delicate tuna tartare.

restaurant 3

Spitz – Photo Credit:


Spitz is quickly becoming Los Feliz’s prime location for primo döner kebab. Spitz is part of a chain, and you can find sister locations in nearby Eagle Rock, Little Tokyo, and Studio City. Each location in the franchise offers customers a colorful, comfortable spot to dig into a hearty Meditteranean platter filled with creamy hummus, crunchy falafel, and savory braised meats. If you’re in the mood for a salty snack, try the Street Cart Fries, smothered in feta, green onion, tomato, olives, pepperoncinis, and garlic aioli.

Los Feliz is a thriving neighborhood, and new eateries are hanging out their shingles on a weekly basis. Try these popular Los Feliz restaurants, and see if you find yourself a new local favorite.

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The Food Scene In Mt. Washington

While you’re out and about enjoying the scenery in Mt. Washington and visiting historic and educational sites (like Heritage Square Museum, Southwest Museum, the Lummis House, Judson Studios, Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, and more), you’re bound to get hungry. Mt. Washington is nearby a vibrant food scene. Check out the following cafes, restaurants, and walk-up eateries where you can feed your hunger while exploring Mt. Washington in Los Angeles.

Taco Fiesta

Taco Fiesta is an eatery with a walk-up window in Highland Park and near the Southwest Musuem. This taco stand is known for excellent customer service and delicious food. Neighborhood favorites are the carne asada torta, the avocado fries (french fries covered in avocado stuff), and the crunchy tacos. The menu also includes burgers, carnitas, and el pastor. You’ve been warned though, the fries come in big servings. Ask a friend to split them with you.

food 1

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Division 3

Division 3 is another walk-up eatery in Glassell Park and near Mt. Washington. Make Divison 3 a stop on your next walk. Dogs are welcome on the outdoor patio, and the kitchen is open between 7 am and 3 pm. Customers enjoy breakfast all day on the weekends. Popular options on the menu include the corn beef biscuit, chorizo breakfast biscuit, bacon biscuit, french toast, yogurt parfait, and smoked salmon biscuit.

Gloria’s Cafe Highland Park

If Mexican comfort food is something you crave, then you have to stop at Gloria’s Cafe in Highland Park. You’ll find gourmet avocado toast with eggs or bacon, enchiladas suizas, and breakfast tacos with cochinita pibil (pork). The house breakfast is served up with eggs black beans, avocado, and queso fresco. Or try something different with the restaurant’s original churro waffle, salmon toast, and tamale with tomatillo sauce. End the perfect comforting meal with flan or bread pudding to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Seeking more Los Angeles comfort food? Try out Romanian cuisine at Parsnip on York Boulevard in Highland Park. One of the owners of the restaurant is Anca Caliman, who hails from The Lemon Poppy Kitchen team. Taste the Romanian salad, goulash, and polenta. The most popular item is the dumplings. Other items to try include the soup, salads, and wraps.

Lemon Poppy Kitchen

Customers enjoy polenta cakes and eggs, plachinta breakfast, sweet potato hash, and cauliflower hash at Lemon Poppy Kitchen. Sip on cold-brew coffee in mason jars while enjoying fresh sandwiches, salads, or breakfast with homemade apricot jelly.

food 2

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The Melt Spot

Hop over to Colorado Boulevard for some crepes and milk tea at The Melt Spot. Whether you want a sweet or a savory breakfast, you’ll find something The Melt Spot. For breakfast, try the smoked salmon crepe, the chick and pesto crepe, the banana and nutella crepe, and more. They make boba for milk tea, offer various gelato flavors, and serve up ice blended coffee drinks. Stp in for lunch for a panini and frappe, or come by to snack on a brownie.

Cafe Birde

Take your dinner on Figueroa Street at Cafe Birde. The gorgeous bar and the beautiful outdoor seating area are both fabulous spots to dine at. Try the Arroyo Cup (mezcal, green chili vodka, cucumber, and lime) or the El Diablito (Tequil, mezcal, creme de cassis, lime, agave, and sparkling rose) cocktails while waiting for your plates of Moroccan-spiced fried chicken, grilled trout, braised meatballs, and more.

Turning Fire

Rotisserie chicken will never get boring as long as Turning Fire plates creative and innovative chicken dishes. Located in the Eagle Rock area, this rotisserie kitchen offers natural, seasonal food. The LA Street Fries (hand-cut fries covered in chile corn, picked red onion, cotija cheese, scallions, and cilantro lime creme) a big crowd pleaser and are on the Nite Bites Menu (offered after 5 pm). Other popular items include the Trenchtown Bowl (arugula, baby spinach, jerked chicken, jicama, red peppers, white yams, pickled carrots, scallions, corn, cashews, Caribbean pepper dressing) and the Grilled Steak Plate. Don’t forget to try some of the creative drink options at Turning Fire like the Pink Palmer (pink lemonade and iced tea), agua frescas, kombucha, and cold-brewed coffee.

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

It’s easy to feel lost as a cyclist or a pedestrian in a big city. Swing by the Spoke Bicycle Cafe on the Los Angeles River Bike Path in Elysian Valley (also known as “Frogtown”). Laurie Winston and Rich Latronica wanted to open a community spot where people can enjoy being active and enjoy delicious, healthy food. You can get your bicycle fixed, rent a bicycle, buy accessories, records, and t-shirts, and enjoy community events, all in one spot. The Spoke Bicycle Cafe cooks up banana peanut butter toast, breakfast scramble, California chopped salad (greens, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, beets, corn, etc.), burgers, avocado toast on sesame sourdough), smashed blackberry and goat cheese toast, and more. There are gluten-free and vegan versions of most dishes. Breakfast is available all day, including bagels from Maury’s. If thirst is what you’re feeling, then choose an espresso drink, fresh lemonade, wine, beer, and kombucha.

food 3

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Kitchen Mouse

If gluten is a problem for you, then you have go by the Kitchen Mouse in Highland Park. Erica Daking started by catering out of her home kitchen. Today she serves up her food at Kitchen Mouse. Everything in Daking’s kitchen is vegan and is free of gluten and refined sugar. Additionally, her menu marks items that are soy free and nut free. Check out breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch on the weekends at Kitchen Mouse. The Moro’s cakes are the most popular item (black bean and brown rice vegetarian patties). Vegans will appreciate the tempeh ruben, Avocado TLT (avocado, tomato, and tempeh on millet and flax toast), and the House Pancakes (oat, buckwheat, and corn flour with fruit, coconut, and maple with coconut whip). If a traditional breakfast is what you’re craving, then try the huevos rancheros, french toast, breakfast tacos with cilantro serrano slaw and organic corn tortillas, and the chilaquiles. Kids will love the gluten-free, vegan mac, the grilled cheese, and the snickerdoodle pancakes.

For lunch, order the dal bowl (brown rice, red lentil dal, cucumber mint salad, and chutney) or the buffalo bowl (brown rice, black beans, collards, yams, and buffalo sauce).

Let your taste buds guide you, and enjoy the food scene in Mt. Washington!

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Best Pizza Places in Eagle Rock

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Casa Bianca – Photo Credit:

If you’re a connoisseur of the ‘za, Eagle Rock has plenty of options from gluten-free and vegan to classic cheese and tomato. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best places in Eagle Rock to order pizza.

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Casa Bianca

This unpretentious, family-owned restaurant serves hearty old-world fare like spaghetti carbonara and chicken piccata, but Italian-style pizza makes this venue a local landmark. Casa Bianca pizzas are served on crispy Roman-style thin crust, and they offer a range of toppings so you can customize your own. Try the Pizza Bianco, a variation on a traditional Italian “pizza margarita,” for a savory lunch. If you’re planning a party, supplement your pies with their heaping pasta al forno or antipasto take out platters.

Big Mama and Papa’s Pizzeria

Big Mama and Papa’s is a casual counter-style chain known for jumbo-size thick-crust pizzas. Their pesto pizza, covered with tangy peppers and grilled shrimp, is a local favorite. If you’re looking for a game day feast, Big Mama and Papa’s also sells appetizers like buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings, and you can add a gluten-free crust to any pie.

TOWN Pizza

Their bright-red store front is a local landmark, and their pizzas are a local favorite. They offer a 14” medium that’s perfect to share, or an 18” large that’s perfect for delivery, and they use organic, local, seasonal, and sustainably-farmed products whenever possible. The extensive menu options include several vegan and gluten-free selections, as well as creative combos like bacon, fig, and fried sage; parmesan and gorgonzola; and beet and arugula. Try swapping out a classic tomato base for house-made pesto or molé sauce.

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pizza 2

Pizza Man Pizza – Photo Credit:

The Capri Italian

The Capri fills up with a lively crowd at happy hour, both for the cozy and convivial atmosphere and the bargain Italian bar bites including buttery garlic knots, savory meatballs, and garlic shrimp flatbread. The pizza menu includes inventive creations like the Cuban pizza, designed in homage to the classic Cuban sandwich – garlic oil, pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard crème fraiche – and the Alfredo Chicken, with creamy homemade sauce.

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Pizza Man

Pizza Man combines restaurant-style service with inexpensive delivery options, and the Pizza Man brand is all about pizza “your way.” Customers can choose from thirty-five fresh pizza toppings to craft their perfect pie. This delivery-only operation also offers make-your-own pasta entrees, build-your-own salads, and specialty buffalo wings in a dozen different flavors from spicy Thai to searing Red Dragon.

Whether you’re looking for a cheesy Hawaiian or a vegan pesto, Eagle Rock has got a pizza with your name on it.  Stop in to one of these local restaurants and order your own!

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Spots in Eagle Rock

February 14th is almost here! Whether you’re looking for a chic bistro or an old-fashioned steakhouse, we’ve got you covered on the most romantic holiday of the year. Today we’ll take you on a special Valentine’s Day tour of the Eagle Rock neighborhood.

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Café Beaujolais

val 1

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Café Beaujolais is a culinary standout, serving up traditional and contemporary French-inspired cuisine with fresh California ingredients. Housed in a converted Victorian building originally built in 1893, the interior lends a cozy yet elegant atmosphere to a quiet dinner for two. House specialties include oven-baked halibut in champagne sauce, buttery escargot, and succulent duck confit – but vegetarians will find plenty of meat-free selections, including Café Beaujolais’ signature mushroom torte.

Little Beast Restaurant


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If you’d like to try something a bit more contemporary, Little Beast serves up innovative California cuisine with an emphasis on flavorful additions and creative combinations – the menu shifts season by season to incorporate locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. The quaint vintage bungalow makes this an intimate setting for a romantic Valentine’s Day supper, and the patio is perfect for Los Angeles’ sunny early-spring weather.

Columbo’s Italian Steakhouse and Jazz Club

Is your date a Sinatra fan? If you’re looking to invoke a little of that old Hollywood magic, celebrate Valentine’s Day in swingin’ style at Columbo’s. A local institution, Columbo’s specializes in substantial Italian fare, and the menu is heavy on classic dishes like hand-rolled ricotta and eggplant lasagna and garlicky shrimp scampi. Guests can also customize their own dish by choosing a pasta, sauce, and additions like salmon and pesto. Live music by a rotating selection of jazz and soul musicians plays nearly every evening, so check Columbo’s event calendar for details on upcoming concerts.

Room 31


Photo Credit:

Speaking of painting the town red, you don’t have to reserve a table at the Tropicana to treat your date to cocktail that would wow Dean Martin. If you’re looking for an artisan cocktail bar right in Eagle Rock, check out Room 31. The relaxed, secluded setting is perfect for a romantic evening. The menu promotes high-end twists on classics like the Manhattan and the Negroni, singular cocktails that include fresh-squeezed juices, house-made syrups and infusions. For a sweet Valentine’s treat, sample the Dear Audrey’s delicate violette liqueur blend, or try a juicy Blackberry Smash.

Highland Café

If you envision a tasty Valentine’s Day brunch followed by a romantic hike in the hills, we recommend the Highland Café. This laidback sidewalk café sells lunch and pastries as well as a substantial breakfast menu that includes savory and sugary favorites like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and strawberry-topped Belgian waffles. Stake out one of the café tables out front or sink into a pair of easychairs indoors. Order a pair of sandwiches to go for the perfect picnic lunch.

Camilo’s California Bistro


Photo Credit:

Camilo’s is a family-owned restaurant that blends creative cuisine with comfortable surroundings. Menu selections blend the heartiness of comfort food with the inspired flavors and presentation of haute cuisine. The breakfast menu includes sweet treats like the Bananas Foster waffles with cognac and pecans and the brioche French toast with Grand Marnier-laced batter. Dinner selections range from the snappy ceviche martini to Camilo’s signature feta-stuffed chicken breast. Camilo’s “California” focus means that morning and evening menus include a wide range of vegetarian options.

Crawfish on Fire

Maybe you’d like to treat your Valentine to some lobster? Crawfish on Fire serves up generous portions of fresh, locally-sourced seafood – their diverse selection includes crab, calamari, mussels, and multiple varieties of crawfish boil from Cajun pepper to baja-inspired lime. Crawfish on Fire’s tangy lemon pepper fries are the perfect companion for just about any seafood dish.

Los Angeles hosts a rich array of dining and entertainment options – and these are just a few of the options on offer in Eagle Rock. Check out one of these local favorites on Valentine’s Day, and you’ll be sure to have a fun and romantic holiday!

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Top Eateries in Echo Park

One of the greatest aspects of living in Los Angeles is the easy access to amazing dining and food options. Food from all over the world can be found in the city, and you’ll never be bored with the food in Echo Park. Here are some recommendations for your next night out.

Elf Cafe

The Elf Cafe is a vegetarian eatery that offers local, organic food that is grown sustainably and is cooked with clean water. You know you won’t be consuming any GMOs at this restaurant. Open from Monday to Saturday for dinner, the Elf Cafe recommends making a reservation ahead of time due to the small size of the space.

eatery 1

Photo Credit:

Dinner items include Tahini Avocado Puree with Housemade Pita, Soft Polenta with Kale Purree and Lemon Yogurt, Smoked Market Vegetable Fattoush with Herbed Tahini Dressing, House Flatbread Shawarma, House Pasta Bolognese, House Risotto, and more.

2135 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Two Boots

Downtown Los Angeles isn’t the only Two Boots location; you can enjoy creative pizza dishes in Echo Park as well. Two Boots, originally created by Phil Hartman, Doris Kornish, and John Touhey, features a fusion of Cajun flavors from Louisiana alongside traditional Italian cuisine. You can order pizza by the slice (depending upon what’s available when you come in), or you can order whole pies. Two Boots is famous for their incredible flavor combinations and for their fun pizza names. Examples include the Earth Mother, a vegan pizza containing vegetables on a whole wheat Sicilian crust. The pizza pays homage to Bette Midler who, with the organization NY Resotration Project, saved the gardens of the Lower East Side. The Bayou Beast is covered in spiced shrimp, andouille, crawfish, mozzarella and jalapenos; the Royal Tenebaum (paying homage to actor Gene Hackman in Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenebaums) features double-smoked bacon with red onions, blue cheese, and roasted tomato pesto on a white pie; and The Dude (a Cajun bacon cheeseburger pizza) celebrates Jeff Bridge’s classic role in The Big Lebowski. In addition to serving delicious food, Two Boots also supports schools, social services, and arts organizations.

1818 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Park

Are you looking for a simple, moderately priced, neighborhood eatery? The Park is the place for you. This restaurant offers American cuisine crafted with ethnic influences. Chef Josh calls it, “a place to relax, get nourished, and hang out with your neighbors.”

Come in at any time of day. Try starting your morning with the Vegan Breakfast Burrito, the Pork Belly Steak & Eggs, the Monte Cristo Sandwich, or the Traditional French Toast. For your mid-day meal, come by for a sandwich – some examples are the Curry Chicken, El Parque Torta, Fried Shrimp Po’Boy, or the Tofu Banh Mi. In the evening, taste the Spicy Truffle Habanero Garlic Fries, the Pumpkin Steak, the Lamb Gyro, Duck 3 Ways, or the classic Park Burger. Don’t forget, The Park also offers brunch, happy hour, and a selection of wine and beer.

1400 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, CA 90025

Masa Bakery & Cafe

Rob Rowe and Rhonda Reynold started Masa of Echo Park, a bakery and cafe that specializes in a mixture of American, Italian, Cuban, and French cuisine. The most popular item is a great example – the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza made with a cornmeal crust. (The word masa refers to cornmeal dough.) The items are baked in a revolving oven, in use since the 1930s. While at Masa, enjoy the pizza, potato soup, panini sandwiches, burgers, penne pasta, gnocchi, lasagna, and more. If you have a sweet-tooth, try the Warm Croissant Bread Pudding. They even make heart-shaped pies, which you may want to check out for Valentine’s Day.

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Masa’s menu includes vegan options, and the restaurant is involved in community activism, including pet adoption and efforts to be green. You can order takeout or delivery (through DoorDash).

1800 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

We hope you and your taste buds enjoy these recommendations for the best eateries in Echo Park!

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Inventive Cuisine in Echo Park

Echo Park is an up-and-comer in the residential real estate market, and Echo Park real estate agencies are seeing increased interest from a new market niche. The neighborhood has long been renowned for its excellent schools, luxurious parks, exciting nightlife, and thriving business community, but it’s becoming extremely attractive to younger real-estate clients looking to establish a foothold in the Los Angeles area’s competitive market.

California culture has always been foodie culture, enriched by a diverse mix of cultural influences and extraordinary agricultural bounty. Echo Park shares this long Los Angeles tradition of delicious and innovative cuisine, and new eateries are springing up to satisfy demand by younger, hipper residents. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most unique culinary options in the Echo Park neighborhood.

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The Park’s Finest

The Park’s Finest opened in 2009. The house specialty is barbecue, but not the sticky Southern delicacy you might be familiar with. In keeping with Echo Park’s historic Filipino presence, this fusion restaurant serves creative twists on traditional Filipino recipes like slow-cooked coconut brisket and cornbread bibingka, a down home riff on the coconut- and palm-leaf rice flour pastries that are customary fare in the Philippines. The relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere makes The Park’s Finest the perfect setting for a hearty dinner with friends.

Sage Vegan Bistro

SoCal has a not-entirely-undeserved reputation as a mecca for health nuts, and as a consequence the Los Angeles area is home to an incredible selection of vegan, vegetarian, raw-cuisine, and organic dining options. Sage is a local standout, combining piquant flavor combinations with a wide range of exotic ingredients. Jackfruit is a kitchen favorite, showing up in everything from tacos to salads. If you’re in the mood for comfort food, Sage’s inspired sandwich menu also includes veggie versions of hearty American classics like the tuna melt and the po’boy.

Masa of Echo Park Bakery and Café

Masa is a family pizzeria with a twist: a large portion of their deep-dish options are designed to be vegetarian-friendly. Meat-lovers can stick with the savory sausage pizza or the Masa meatball sandwich. Be sure to save room for the bread pudding: chocolate, almond, and butter croissants soaked in vanilla custard, drizzled with a homemade caramel sauce, and baked until toasty.

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Speaking of succulent pastries, if you love delicate viennoiserie you’ll love Dinette! This pastry-centric café is the pet project of Café Stella’s Gareth Kanter, serving up a dazzling array of sweet and savory pastries, including a bacon-and-leek miniature quiche and a juicy pear tart. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely afternoon lunch or a quick morning pick-me-up, Dinette can offer you something uniquely delicious. Their veggie-friendly menu also includes quinoa bowls, artisan coffees, and the Golden State’s customary avocado toast.

Takuma’s Burgers

If you’re in the mood for a calorie splurge, try one of Takuma’s juicy hamburgers in this down-to-earth haven for carnovores. Each comes with a fresh mix of toppings like spicy arugula and sautéed mushrooms, and you can up the calorie ante with a side of golden mozzarella sticks or crispy waffle fries.  Stop by Takuma’s for a late-night meal after a night out on the town, or order some hot sake to accompany your burger.

The Park

Don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere at The Park – this café-restaurant serves up a first-class menu. Each dish emphasizes creative blends of tastes and textures, from the scallion pancake with toasted nori and micro shiso to the vegetarian pumpkin steak with pomegranate glaze and pumpkin seed brittle.  Many ingredients will be familiar to connoisseurs of California cuisine, including exotic components like quinoa, nori, and truffle oil, but The Park stands out for offerings that blend these foods in new and memorable ways.

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Valerie Echo Park

Valerie Gordon has a flagship location in DTLA, but her Echo Park café is focused on flavors that harmonize with teas. In addition to a premium selection of hand-blended teas like an orange, bay leaf, and black pepper infusion and fennel blossom and tarragon brew, Valerie Echo Park also serves up the perfect accompaniments. Sample tea sandwiches like classic cucumber, tangy pickled asparagus, or smooth smoked salmon. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can try tea-infused concoctions like the lapsang-souchong tartine, the jasmine panna cotta, or the Earl Grey and matcha petit fours.  A welcoming patio is the perfect place for an al fresco lunch.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, finish off your meal with a tasting menu of Valerie’s famous chocolates.

Echo Park has always been home to a rich mix of creative enterprise, just one reason properties in Echo Park are in demand. If you’re interested in visiting this vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood, be sure to check out one of these inventive eateries, so you can get a taste of the variety of culinary experiences on offer in this beautiful urban oasis.

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Sunset Junction in Silver Lake

Los Angeles has no shortage of poetic place names – and Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction is one example. Sunset Junction sits at the street junction of Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard, both of which run from Sunset Junction down to the Pacific Ocean.

Sunset Junction

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Sunset Junction was once known as Hollywood Junction. In 1895, the Pasadena and Pacific Railway Company built an interurban rail line from downtown Los Angeles to Santa Monica, whose route ran along Sunset Boulevard to Sanborn Avenue, where it swerved west along the current alignment of Santa Monica Boulevard.

In 1905, the Los Angeles and Pacific Railway, successor to the Pasadena and Pacific, built a new branch northwest along Sunset Boulevard from Sanborn Avenue as a shortcut to its already-built train line on Hollywood Boulevard, creating the junction that can still be clearly seen in the existing street layout. Rail service ceased on both lines in the nineteen fifties, but the graceful bend of the intersection still gives Sunset Junction a hint of early 20th-century elegance.

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Sunset Junction was also the site of the Black Cat Tavern, a historic gay and lesbian bar that was the site of one of the first protests by gay and lesbian activists, predating the 1969 Stonewall protest for two years. A Different Light Bookstore, a gay and lesbian bookstore and community space that eventually became a national chain with branches in New York City and San Francisco, was founded at 4014 Santa Monica Boulevard in 1979. The store functioned as a salon for the community, hosting readings by luminaries like memoirist Christopher Isherwood, beat poet Allen Ginsberg, surrealist novelist William S. Burroughs, and activist Larry Kramer.

From 1980 to 2011, Sunset Junction also hosted the Sunset Junction Street Fair, a bustling festival that closed off a large portion of Sunset Boulevard so that the gathered crowd could enjoy live music, food, street vendors, and carnival rides. Musical performers at the Sunset Junction Street Fair included Beck, Sleater-Kinney, the Supremes, and Chaka Khan.

Although the Sunset Junction Street Fair has shut down, revitalization is currently underway in Sunset Junction, with design firm All That Is Solid planning to create a giant iron saddle sculpture to serve as the center of a newly envisioned landscaped plaza at the intersection. Although the new sculpture was stalled for a few years, it is hoped like the public installation, named “BLOOMRS,” will be going up soon. Right now, Sunset Junction’s signal landmark is a large royal-blue signpost that towers above the intersection.

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Due to recent urban renewal, as well as spiking interest in the Silver Lake neighborhood, Sunset Junction is currently attracting attention for its eclectic mix of hip coffee shops, casual-dining restaurants and vintage boutiques. The focal point of this micro-district is a rambling, rust-colored stucco building from the 1920s, host to a growing cohort of community businesses. Intelligentsia Coffee, a Chicago transplant known for the intensity of its dark-roast drip coffee and the graceful arabesques traced into the foam atop its cappuccinos, is a favorite for locals in search of a steamy caffeine fix.

Café Stella, a bustling French bistro, serves up golden-brown pommes frites, peppery coq au vin and succulent mussels. The Cheese Store of Silverlake, easily the best charcuterie and fromagerie in the city, is a standout delicatessen in the best Parisian style.  The Town and Café Bakery serves a menu of fresh rolls and pastries along with more substantial brunch fare like salmon cakes and omelettes. Pazzo Gelato serves up soft Italian ice cream, including crunchy pistachio and crimson raspberry sorbetto and more contemporary flavors like thai tea and salted caramel.

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Fashionistas and trendsetters will find plenty of tantalizing clothing and accessories at Sunset Junction. Upcycle headquarters Dean converts leather motorcycle jackets and members only windbreakers into stylish handbags and watchbands. Matrushka Construction combines clothing boutique with open studio, as owner-designer Laura Howe constructs elegant one-of-a-kind clothing onsite.  After dark, clubgoers line up outside the 4100 Bar, where you can sample cocktails in a luxurious, warmly-lit interior modeled after a Moroccan souk.

Los Angeles is legendary for its culture of constant reinvention, and Sunset Junction’s emerging market and nightlife scene is a sterling example. If you’re visiting Silver Lake, why not stop by the intersection of Sunset and Santa Monica to sample a coffee, try on a one-of-a-kind jacket, or take in the sunshine and local color?

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Plan a Day Trip to Highland Park

Just the right size for a day trip, Highland Park is a mix of hip new locales and authentic cultural landmarks. In this post, we’ll help you plan the perfect outing in this vibrant historic neighborhood.

day trip Highland Park

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Café de Leche

Start your day at this bustling coffee shop. If you’re in the mood for a pick-me-up, the Horchata con Espresso is a creamy twist on two classic drinks. Caffeine-free customers can enjoy specialty teas like Los Tres (a blend of chamomile, rosehip, and peppermint) or choose from a selection of bakery treats. If you’re on a family outing, Café de Leche boasts a play space with games and toys.

Pop Hop Bookstore

Pop Hop is a small but expertly-curated selection of literature, art, printmaking, and small-press books. The quirky, friendly location is the perfect place to browse, and you can pick up souvenir postcards handmade by local designers. If you’re interested in learning about printmaking, check out the small studio in the back, where associates offer classes in everything from silkscreen to zines.

Wombleton Records

Don’t be fooled by its steampunk exterior – Wombleton Records is the place to go for rare LPs and 12” singles. The owner is a world traveler, and Wombleton’s catalog reflects the same eclectic, international vibe. Their Facebook page lists events with veteran DJs and musicians, as well as frequent trunk sales from the owner’s latest excursion abroad.

Lunch Break:

With so many delicious options to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong in Highland Park. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites:

Galco’s Old World Grocery

Galco’s was founded in 1897 as an Italian deli and grocery store. In 1995, son John F. Nese took over from his father and introduced a new specialty: small-batch sodas. At the Creation Station, a towering rack of Italian syrup flavors, you can even make your own personalized drink. Whether you’re in the mood for a spicy ginger beer or a traditional sarsaparilla, you’ll find something to quench your thirst.

Galco’s also hosts events like their annual Summer Soda Tasting this July 31, where you can rate new soda flavors and enjoy live music. Recently, Atlas Obscura engineered “Pop and Plumage,” a collaboration between Galco’s and the Moore Lab of Zoology. Galco’s authentic deli counter is still going strong, so you might want to pick up some antipasti to eat in the park.

Good Girl Dinette

The Good Girl Dinette is a stellar example of the culinary and cultural fusion that is so characteristic of Highland Park. Billed as a combination of “American diner” and “Vietnamese comfort food,” the Good Girl’s repertoire includes delicious banh mi and succulent bowls of pho, as well as creations like black pepper pork confit and maple coconut bread pudding.

The Greyhound Bar and Grill

If you’re in the mood for more traditional fare, the Greyhound Bar and Grill offers a tasty bar and sandwich menu as well as an impressive selection of craft beers divided into user-friendly categories like “Fruity” and “Crisp and Clean.” If you hit the Greyhound early in the day, you can peruse a breakfast menu with options as varied as a hearty English breakfast and eggs benedict on homemade corn bread. Right next door is the historical landmark Highland Theatre, which offers three- and four-dollar matinees.


The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market

Highland Park boasts beautiful weather year-round, so your daytrip should include plenty of outdoor stops. The Old LA Certified Farmers’ Market is open all year, every Tuesday from 3 pm to dusk.  In addition to fresh produce, you’ll find cupcakes, salsa, honey, beeswax candles, and organic soap.

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Figueroa Street

The OLACFM is also located just one block from busy Figueroa Street, a downtown thoroughfare home to Chez Antoine and Penny’s Burgers. Head to Tropical Fruit and Juices for a “vampiro” – a delicious Mexican cocktail that combines tequila and sangria – or a healthy detox smoothie.

Scoops Ice Cream Shop

Scoops offers a daily rotation of inventive flavors like mascarpone oreo and honey ginger. If you’re looking for a more complex concoction, try their green tea sake ice cream.  Consistently rated high on customer service and atmosphere, Scoops is the perfect place to get out of the afternoon sun.


Avenue 50 Studio

Avenue 50 Studio is a vibrant gallery that showcases work by emerging artists. With frequent events and exhibitions, you’re sure to see something new on every visit. Avenue 50 Studio also hosts workshops for aspiring creators in techniques like collage and life drawing.

La Cuevita

La Cuevita offers spicy Mexican food and cocktails, with a focus on imports like tequila and fernet. DJs spin nearly every night, so you can finish up your trip to Highland Park with dancing. Taco Tuesday serves up free tacos with cocktails. On Sunday, catch live jazz from local musicians.

The York

Can’t decide whether to go for drinks or a sit-down meal? The York has got you covered. Their deluxe craft beer menu and extensive wine list will please every palate, and so will their menu of reinvented comfort foods like sriracha wings with honey and cilantro.

With its exuberant downtown and thriving artistic and culinary scene, Highland Park offers something for everyone. Visit this unique Los Angeles neighborhood for a truly memorable cultural experience! If you are moving to Highland Park, feel free to contact Real Estate Unlimited.