Inventive Cuisine in Echo Park

Echo Park is an up-and-comer in the residential real estate market, and Echo Park real estate agencies are seeing increased interest from a new market niche. The neighborhood has long been renowned for its excellent schools, luxurious parks, exciting nightlife, and thriving business community, but it’s becoming extremely attractive to younger real-estate clients looking to establish a foothold in the Los Angeles area’s competitive market.

California culture has always been foodie culture, enriched by a diverse mix of cultural influences and extraordinary agricultural bounty. Echo Park shares this long Los Angeles tradition of delicious and innovative cuisine, and new eateries are springing up to satisfy demand by younger, hipper residents. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most unique culinary options in the Echo Park neighborhood.

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The Park’s Finest – Photo Credit:

The Park’s Finest

The Park’s Finest opened in 2009. The house specialty is barbecue, but not the sticky Southern delicacy you might be familiar with. In keeping with Echo Park’s historic Filipino presence, this fusion restaurant serves creative twists on traditional Filipino recipes like slow-cooked coconut brisket and cornbread bibingka, a down home riff on the coconut- and palm-leaf rice flour pastries that are customary fare in the Philippines. The relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere makes The Park’s Finest the perfect setting for a hearty dinner with friends.

Sage Vegan Bistro

SoCal has a not-entirely-undeserved reputation as a mecca for health nuts, and as a consequence the Los Angeles area is home to an incredible selection of vegan, vegetarian, raw-cuisine, and organic dining options. Sage is a local standout, combining piquant flavor combinations with a wide range of exotic ingredients. Jackfruit is a kitchen favorite, showing up in everything from tacos to salads. If you’re in the mood for comfort food, Sage’s inspired sandwich menu also includes veggie versions of hearty American classics like the tuna melt and the po’boy.

Masa of Echo Park Bakery and Café

Masa is a family pizzeria with a twist: a large portion of their deep-dish options are designed to be vegetarian-friendly. Meat-lovers can stick with the savory sausage pizza or the Masa meatball sandwich. Be sure to save room for the bread pudding: chocolate, almond, and butter croissants soaked in vanilla custard, drizzled with a homemade caramel sauce, and baked until toasty.

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Dinette – Photo Credit:


Speaking of succulent pastries, if you love delicate viennoiserie you’ll love Dinette! This pastry-centric café is the pet project of Café Stella’s Gareth Kanter, serving up a dazzling array of sweet and savory pastries, including a bacon-and-leek miniature quiche and a juicy pear tart. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely afternoon lunch or a quick morning pick-me-up, Dinette can offer you something uniquely delicious. Their veggie-friendly menu also includes quinoa bowls, artisan coffees, and the Golden State’s customary avocado toast.

Takuma’s Burgers

If you’re in the mood for a calorie splurge, try one of Takuma’s juicy hamburgers in this down-to-earth haven for carnovores. Each comes with a fresh mix of toppings like spicy arugula and sautéed mushrooms, and you can up the calorie ante with a side of golden mozzarella sticks or crispy waffle fries.  Stop by Takuma’s for a late-night meal after a night out on the town, or order some hot sake to accompany your burger.

The Park

Don’t be fooled by the casual atmosphere at The Park – this café-restaurant serves up a first-class menu. Each dish emphasizes creative blends of tastes and textures, from the scallion pancake with toasted nori and micro shiso to the vegetarian pumpkin steak with pomegranate glaze and pumpkin seed brittle.  Many ingredients will be familiar to connoisseurs of California cuisine, including exotic components like quinoa, nori, and truffle oil, but The Park stands out for offerings that blend these foods in new and memorable ways.

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Valerie Echo Park – Photo Credit:

Valerie Echo Park

Valerie Gordon has a flagship location in DTLA, but her Echo Park café is focused on flavors that harmonize with teas. In addition to a premium selection of hand-blended teas like an orange, bay leaf, and black pepper infusion and fennel blossom and tarragon brew, Valerie Echo Park also serves up the perfect accompaniments. Sample tea sandwiches like classic cucumber, tangy pickled asparagus, or smooth smoked salmon. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can try tea-infused concoctions like the lapsang-souchong tartine, the jasmine panna cotta, or the Earl Grey and matcha petit fours.  A welcoming patio is the perfect place for an al fresco lunch.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth, finish off your meal with a tasting menu of Valerie’s famous chocolates.

Echo Park has always been home to a rich mix of creative enterprise, just one reason properties in Echo Park are in demand. If you’re interested in visiting this vibrant Los Angeles neighborhood, be sure to check out one of these inventive eateries, so you can get a taste of the variety of culinary experiences on offer in this beautiful urban oasis.

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