Top Places To Refresh & Rejuvenate In South Pasadena


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When you want to rejuvenate and refresh, South Pasadena is one of the best places to do so. As a small, community-minded area, the people and businesses are charming and inviting. And in today’s modern society, everyone can use a little break and restart. Give yourself some solo time and put the electronics away, disconnect from the world, and get in tune with your mind and body. The following spots are the perfect ways to refresh in South Pasadena:

1202 Salon & Spa

The 1202 Salon & Spa is one of the most highly-rated spas in the area. Everyone knows that one of the best ways to feel good about yourself is to get a nice hair cut or massage–preferably in the same place, by the same trustworthy people. Switch up your style or trim the style the love. The employees put a tremendous amount of time and energy into perfecting hair design, and customers are leaving very satisfied.

The Spa Menu includes several types of skin care packages. For $90,you can enjoy the Seasonal Professional Care package. This includes a rejuvenating and pampering treatment that uses natural, active seasonal ingredients to improve the skin. For the same price, you can get a Custom Facial, which includes an analysis, skin preparation, extractions, massage, and nourishment to restore balance and vitality in the skin.

If you really want to go the extra mile, there are several high-end treatments to choose from, like the “intraceuticals oxygen infusion facial,” which is an advanced treatment that uses a custom combination of pressurized oxygen and multi-weight hyaluronic acid to increase hydration levels and produce an instant, visible lift. Alternatively, there’s the “Vi peel,” which improves the tone, texture and clarity of your skin, and helps eliminate age-spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

New Life Acupuncture & Herb Center

Acupuncture is a holistic medical treatment that promotes natural healing. During the treatment, trained practitioners insert ultra thin needles into targeted areas of the body to alleviate pain and mental stress . It’s a common misconception that this process is painful. But the procedure, which originated in China, has been around for over 2,500 years, and is highly effective.

Treatments are almost completely pain-free, and have been known to produce a slew of benefits, including relief from chronic pain throughout the body (such as back pain and muscle spasms), and can help with anxiety and depression. They can also provide a cure for back pain, migraines, and digestive issues. And lastly, acupuncture has even been linked to an increase in fertility, and can also help people quit smoking.

Currently, 100% of nearly 50 Yelp reviews for New Life Acupuncture & Herb Center are five stars. A five star rating across the board is a reflection of the treatments and customer service. Your first visit will last anywhere between 30 to 90 minutes, and during this time, you’ll explain to your specialist what you hope to gain out of the experience. They’ll take a detailed look at your health history and perform a physical exam before coming up with a unique treatment plan that’s tailored to you.

RejuvaYou Medical Spas

The whole premise behind RejuvaYou is to rejuvenate the skin. Each service is based on not just the physical betterment of your skin, but its long-term health, too. The RejuvaYou team has spent many years researching the latest technologies and treatments, and works to tailor each treatment to your unique skin type and health regimen.

This medical spa has also seen its share of fame. The Kardashian family filmed a segment of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” here, where they received a “Triniti Skin Series” rejuvenation treatment (which offers non-surgical relief from blemishes, laxity, and wrinkles). The business has also been featured on Entertainment Tonight and in Forbes magazine.

What makes this spa different from others is that it’s a true medical spa, with an emphasis on surgical and various non-invasive medical procedures. This means that there are several doctors and resident nurses on hand. Services available include Triniti Skin Series, CoolSculpting, MELASMA treatment, BOTOX, various medical facials and peels, and much more.

Freestyle Fitness

As you know, fitness can boost both your physical and mental health. Fitness has been known to reduce stress, and even be just as effective as an antidepressant in helping relieve anxiety and depression, thanks to all the endorphins you release when you exercise.

At Freestyle Fitness, no matter what your physical or mental health mission is, you can achieve it. The business is highly rated for their fantastic team of trainers, who work hard to create a well-structured, fun session for everyone. They work with all types of exercise levels, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or haven’t been to the gym in years. Overall, the Center aims to create a community of people, all working towards the betterment of themselves. If you’re interested, you can try your first class free.

Awareness Center

According to their website, “The Awareness Center is a sacred community.  It is a home for your heart to relax and your spirit to simply be.  It is our expression of a world where people feel ‘at home’ in all areas of life.”

The Awareness Center teaches guests to get in tune with their mind, body, and spirit. There are classes, trainings, events, and workshops, all of which promote peace and tranquility. If you’re looking for some rejuvenation, Awareness Center is one of the best places to find it.

The Center specializes in Kundalini Yoga, which is one of the most comprehensive types of yoga because it combines asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and prayer. Aside from various levels of Kundalini Yoga, there are plenty of classes for you to choose from, including a Healing Breathe Class, 30-minute meditations, and a restorative yoga workshop. Certain classes, like the Aquarian Sadhana, are free on specific days. Check out their calendar to see a list of dates, descriptions, and prices of various classes.

Mission Street Yoga

Mission Street Yoga was started by a group of modern Yogis who all had busy schedules and wanted a place where they could restore balance and happiness. Yoga is is one of the few natural tools that allows its practitioners to create a sense of empowerment and peace. People of all yoga levels are welcome, and certainly encouraged–during class, the instructors teach newcomers how to use the mat and adjust to different poses. And like some of the better businesses, the first class here is free.

SP Asian Spa Therapy

The SP Asian Spa Therapy is one of South Pasadena’s best. The space appears hidden from the outside, but is a charming oasis once you find it. Unlike some run-of-the-mill spas, it provides tailored care. One Yelp reviewer, who went to SP Asian Spa Therapy after she’d suffered from a stiff neck for a week, says of their services:

“Whereas I paid a bunch of money to feel dizzy at the end of my Massage Envy session and bruised at the end of my Shiatsu of Zen session, the SP Asian Therapy and Spa massage left me feeling relaxed, with much more comfort and mobility in my neck and shoulders than when I had first walked in. I left feeling like I had taken a muscle relaxer!”

Best Event Spaces For Birthday Parties In South Pasadena

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South Pasadena is a great place to be a kid. There are plenty of parks and year-round activities to keep your little ones busy and having fun. After all, there are so many great places for awesome family activities. From the stimulating “Discovery Areas” over at the Kidz Club Summer Camp, to the hundreds of speciality dinosaur toys at the world famous Dinosaur Farm toy store, there’s plenty to do here.

If it’s your child’s birthday, there are just as many options. Planning any birthday party can be troublesome, especially when you have limited space at home. These birthday party event spaces can make your planning much smoother, and give your child and their guests an awesome party experience:

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Kid’s Jewelry Heist

The Kid’s Jewelry Heist is one of the most unique children’s experiences is Los Angeles, and it’s well worth looking into for birthday parties. This original and interactive jewelry-making parlor is located inside the world-renowned Dinosaur Farm Toy Store. Here, guests can sort through treasure chests and troves of jewelry pieces and find all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Then, they’ll piece them together to create their own custom-made, unique piece of jewelry.

According to their website, “There is quite a fresh selection of sparkly beads, gemstones, antique colorful chains, silks, leathers & a wondrous supply of sought after charms from our treasure chamber drawers.” Need help? An enthusiastic design team is there to help every child create something they’re absolutely ecstatic about. To date, Kid’s Jewelry Heist has hosted over 1,000 birthday parties in South Pasadena, and they are highly sought after. Check out their website for pricing and plenty of images.

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Amy’s Playground

Amy’s Playground was founded by a South Pasadena mom who wanted to provide a place where local kids could come and play, rain or shine. This indoor children’s spot is a wonderland for kids: there’s a huge bounce house, several slides, tubes, and much more for the little ones to enjoy. Kids of all ages are welcome here. And fortunately, parents can be comfortable here, too: there’s a reading nook, free coffee, and picnic tables where you can eat your own food.

In addition to being open during regular business hours, Amy’s Playground is also an ideal spot for birthday parties. There are four tiers for birthday parties:

Fun & Frolic

For $400, you’ll have private use of Amy’s Indoor Playground for up to 20 children, two party assistants that will help with set-up and clean-up, and a free return pass for the birthday child.

Birthday Bash

For $450, you’ll get private 2-hour access for up to 15 children, two party assistants, a personalized cake, solid color cake products and utensils, juice, party favors, and return pass.


For $525, you’ll get private 2-hour access for up to 15 children, two party assistants, cheese pizza, solid color products and utensils, a personalized cake, juice, face painting and temporary tattoo application, and free return pass.

Amy’s Theme Party Spectacular

In addition to all the items in the Hullabaloo, for $540, you’ll get themed invitations, themed paper products and utensils, themed birthday cake, and party favors.

You can check out the Amy’s Indoor Playground website for a full list of available theme options, which include popular choices like Batman, Spiderman, and Disney Princesses. You can also choose add-on options, like helium-filled balloons, tablecloths, and balloon and magician artist packages.

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Chirp Karaoke Cafe

Chirp Karaoke Cafe is a very unique way to throw your child the perfect birthday party. Chirp was started by two moms who wanted a fun and creative space for kids to have fun and sing. Think about it: there are countless karaoke spots for adults, but very few for children, and Chirp aims to bridge the gap by creating a beautiful space where kids can have a blast performing, and parents can sit back and watch.

There are many different types of parties available at Chirp, including toddler parties and teen parties. There are also discounted weekday parties. During Toddler parties, a host manages the entire day and keeps the children engaged with songs, activities, and plenty of games. Some activities might include sing-a-longs, coloring, playing kitchen, and much more. Teen parties will have a karaoke DJ, foosball, basketball, and various other games.

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Duff’s Cakemix

The center of every birthday party is the birthday cake, and with Duff’s Cakemix, it’s never been more true. The company’s mantra is, “We bake…you create”–and it’s a great opportunity for children to stay engaged, have fun, be creative, and learn something new. They offer a range of party packages for different types of events and budgets. A standard party package includes a two hour reservation, a cake kit that includes buttercream, fondant, and other goodies, expert decorating guidance, celebration cake to cut and serve, a special apron for the birthday kid, and much more!

And if your kids really enjoy their Duff Cakemix birthday party, consider enrolling them in the summer camp program. The Summer Cake Camp teaches kids how to roll, sculpt, and cover cakes with fondant, work with buttercream, and airbrush a cake with edible spray.

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PlayLab is designed to be a versatile play space for children and infants, where they can safely experiment with different kinds of play in an environment that caters to their growth. The space was created by early childhood development experts, making it optimized for all their needs. Among many things, the PlayLab space encourages socializing, exploration, and curiosity.

PlayLab’s parties are ideal for mothers who want a prime space for both themselves and their children. For just $400, you’ll get a 4-hour private party (though you can add more time for a fee). A staff member will be there to help you set up and clean up, the team is flexible with furniture arrange, and each party allows up to 45 children (which is much higher than some other places). Furthermore, all party attendants gets a free return pass. There are additional options for a character appearance, magician, music performance, and other birthday party inclusions.

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Club Champion Gymnastics

Club Champion Gymnastics is one of Southern California’s best gymnastics clubs. But for the tumblers and active ones in your life, they also offer birthday parties. A birthday party includes gymnastics activities and lessons from knowledgeable staff, birthday invitations, party favors, and a special birthday gift for the guest of honor. Kinds another three require an extra fee for special assistance. Check out their website for more details.


Like the previous entry, MyGym is all about flexible fun through fitness. They offer different party tiers depending on your party size, needs, and budget. The MyGym team puts thorough planning and effort into each party, before you arrive. They’ll take special song and game requests and incorporate it into the party plans. Each birthday party is filled with activities, puppets, games, songs, and much more. Party tiers include the Grand Celebration, Deluxe Celebration, and Premier Celebration. Check out their website for details and price points.

Best Food Events In South Pasadena & Surrounding Area

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With the wonderful and highly-rated Farmer’s food market right in the backyard, South Pasadena is no stranger to strong flavors and culinary class. This is a city with plenty of food events to please any palate, and the many South Pasadena restaurants are a testament of what to expect. Cos & Pi is known for their seasonal and lunch menus; Fiore Market Cafe brought a little bit of Italy back to South Pasadena with their baked breads and fresh sandwiches; and Gus’s BBQ has effectively transplanted Southern hospitality and cuisine with rich, flavorful meats and great service.

As you can tell, food is one of South Pasadena’s strong points. In addition to their many restaurants, there are also plenty of food-related activities happening in the immediate and surrounding areas, and they’re well worth checking out. Here are a few food events to consider:

Taste of South Pasadena

With so many restaurant options in South Pasadena, choosing just one can quickly become difficult, especially when they’re strongly rated evenly across the board. The annual “Taste of South Pasadena” event aims to cure any indecision you might have. It takes event-goers on a journey through some of the area’s best cuisine and best restaurants.

Bringing together some of the best food enthusiasts, it allows attendants to sample food and drinks from over 20 participating restaurants. Together, you’ll stroll around South Pasadena, stopping to savor small plates and enjoy friendly conversation. Events also have live music, optional wine tastings, and various other activities. If you have children, don’t worry: if they’re under 7, they’re free.

Los Angeles Times FoodBowl x Crossings

This year, the second annual LA Times FoodBowl takes place at the Crossings restaurant in South Pasadena. This festival aims to feature the best of the city’s food and drink scene, and will be serving a one-time menu from chef Kevin Malone, which will be paired with wines that are hand picked and imported by Karl Curran and Charlemagne Fine Wines. There’s a limited time availability for seating, but if you miss it this year, you can always try again next year. The menu includes caviar, oysters, duck, and beef ribeye cap among others.

Angeleno Winemaker Dinner

The Angeleno Winemaker Dinner also takes place at South Pasadena’s Crossings restaurant, and will feature guest winemaker Jasper Dickson. Dickson works as a small-batch producer under his Rhythm Wine label. He purchases his grapes only from South California growers, and has been known for his intimate experimentation with different types of juices. The five-course meal will cost just $98, including tax and gratuity. Plates will include ceviche, monkfish, quail, pork belly, and churro.

Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet

You can expect food events happening every Mother’s Day in Pasadena, and this Mother’s Day brunch is a popular option. The The Mixx’s Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet offers bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, and live jazz entertainment. The menu includes organic free range soft scrambled eggs, house made chicken sausage, apple smoked bacon, brioche French toast, a smoked salmon presentation, and much more. The Mixx–a popular new urban oasis for foodies–is known for hosting many other types of events, too. Check out their calendar for more information.

Introduction to Pu-erh Tea

At this “Introduction to Pu-erh Tea” event, Pu-erh expert Jeffrey McIntosh (who owns multiple tea companies) will share his personal experiences in the tea industry, detailing his many adventures visiting tea mountains and regions around the world over the last decade. Pu-erh tea is a variety of dark tea that’s grown exclusively in the Yunnan Province of China. McIntosh’s goal is to educate people on why Pu-erh tea is so fascinating by exploring ripe and raw variations, fermentation processes, health benefits, and various other tasting characteristics. This one hour class and tea-tasting session costs $65 per person.

Masters of Taste, Pasadena Rose Bowl

The Masters of Taste food and drink festival is a regular tradition at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. This single-day luxury festival brings in food and crafted drinks from over 40 different restaurants and master chefs, and also features live music and entertainment. The festival is broken down into three master food concepts, which include, “Sweet Masters,” “Culinary Masters,” and “Beverage Masters.” Featured vendors include Sprinkles, The Raymond 1886, and the Butter Cake Shoppe. Beverage Masters bring in some of L.A.’s best master mixologists, concocting creations from some of California’s best wineries and craft breweries. Every year, the event takes place at the Rose Bowl stadium and expects to bring in at least 2,500 food and drink enthusiasts. All ticket proceeds will benefit the Union Station Homeless Services.

Future Con

While this event isn’t a food-specific gathering, it gets a worthy mention because it’s a popular event with great food that serves as the backdrop to a tech space. Future-Con celebrates the latest in consumer technology from different industry innovators. Learn more about virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, game learning, smart tech, and so much more. Many of the tech products will be available for purchase, and you’ll get the opportunity to see the latest advancements demonstrated live before you make a decision.

According to the event’s ticketing page, “Along with the latest in innovation, you’ll be able to enjoy delicious food from some of the best culinary artists which will be sure to satisfy your appetite.” Tech + cuisine sounds like a recipe for a good evening.