Top Eateries in Echo Park

One of the greatest aspects of living in Los Angeles is the easy access to amazing dining and food options. Food from all over the world can be found in the city, and you’ll never be bored with the food in Echo Park. Here are some recommendations for your next night out.

Elf Cafe

The Elf Cafe is a vegetarian eatery that offers local, organic food that is grown sustainably and is cooked with clean water. You know you won’t be consuming any GMOs at this restaurant. Open from Monday to Saturday for dinner, the Elf Cafe recommends making a reservation ahead of time due to the small size of the space.

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Dinner items include Tahini Avocado Puree with Housemade Pita, Soft Polenta with Kale Purree and Lemon Yogurt, Smoked Market Vegetable Fattoush with Herbed Tahini Dressing, House Flatbread Shawarma, House Pasta Bolognese, House Risotto, and more.

2135 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Two Boots

Downtown Los Angeles isn’t the only Two Boots location; you can enjoy creative pizza dishes in Echo Park as well. Two Boots, originally created by Phil Hartman, Doris Kornish, and John Touhey, features a fusion of Cajun flavors from Louisiana alongside traditional Italian cuisine. You can order pizza by the slice (depending upon what’s available when you come in), or you can order whole pies. Two Boots is famous for their incredible flavor combinations and for their fun pizza names. Examples include the Earth Mother, a vegan pizza containing vegetables on a whole wheat Sicilian crust. The pizza pays homage to Bette Midler who, with the organization NY Resotration Project, saved the gardens of the Lower East Side. The Bayou Beast is covered in spiced shrimp, andouille, crawfish, mozzarella and jalapenos; the Royal Tenebaum (paying homage to actor Gene Hackman in Wes Anderson’s film The Royal Tenebaums) features double-smoked bacon with red onions, blue cheese, and roasted tomato pesto on a white pie; and The Dude (a Cajun bacon cheeseburger pizza) celebrates Jeff Bridge’s classic role in The Big Lebowski. In addition to serving delicious food, Two Boots also supports schools, social services, and arts organizations.

1818 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

The Park

Are you looking for a simple, moderately priced, neighborhood eatery? The Park is the place for you. This restaurant offers American cuisine crafted with ethnic influences. Chef Josh calls it, “a place to relax, get nourished, and hang out with your neighbors.”

Come in at any time of day. Try starting your morning with the Vegan Breakfast Burrito, the Pork Belly Steak & Eggs, the Monte Cristo Sandwich, or the Traditional French Toast. For your mid-day meal, come by for a sandwich – some examples are the Curry Chicken, El Parque Torta, Fried Shrimp Po’Boy, or the Tofu Banh Mi. In the evening, taste the Spicy Truffle Habanero Garlic Fries, the Pumpkin Steak, the Lamb Gyro, Duck 3 Ways, or the classic Park Burger. Don’t forget, The Park also offers brunch, happy hour, and a selection of wine and beer.

1400 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park, CA 90025

Masa Bakery & Cafe

Rob Rowe and Rhonda Reynold started Masa of Echo Park, a bakery and cafe that specializes in a mixture of American, Italian, Cuban, and French cuisine. The most popular item is a great example – the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza made with a cornmeal crust. (The word masa refers to cornmeal dough.) The items are baked in a revolving oven, in use since the 1930s. While at Masa, enjoy the pizza, potato soup, panini sandwiches, burgers, penne pasta, gnocchi, lasagna, and more. If you have a sweet-tooth, try the Warm Croissant Bread Pudding. They even make heart-shaped pies, which you may want to check out for Valentine’s Day.

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Masa’s menu includes vegan options, and the restaurant is involved in community activism, including pet adoption and efforts to be green. You can order takeout or delivery (through DoorDash).

1800 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

We hope you and your taste buds enjoy these recommendations for the best eateries in Echo Park!

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